Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Jazba e Junoon to perform live at Qutub Hotel,Delhi

Get ready for Rock and Sufi Music this friday 
So,the much-awaited sufi night  is set to roll. Jazba e Junoon, a Rock project started by Salman (Vocals and Guitars) & Arbaz (Percussion's), will be performing live at Qutub Hotel, Zerzura Club on 24th July,2015.

The night will bring together a truly Indian extravaganza of rock and sufi music for youngsters in the capital city to enjoy at the weekend. The members are inspired from Sufism and Rock music. Combining a lethal blend of speed, technique and groove, Jazba E Junoon creates a sound which they can proudly call their own that defines the state of the world address.

The Band isn't stick to any particular genre. It generally plays the songs which fall in the category of rock. Apart from it, the band loves to experiment with the sound and always try to come up with originality. Jazba E Junoon encompasses hybrid styles of exquisite melodies and everlasting rock instrumentation, hence carving out a special sound and considering their music as a labor of love as well as a message of hope to all.

The band is quite active from last 3 years and has performed in various universities and rock shows all over delhi.

Today, Jazba E Junoon is known for their versatility and originality, antics on stage, for their explosive live shows and infectious enthusiasm, Jazba E Junoon are perhaps as much the performers as they are the musicians.

The compositions of Jazba E Junoon are composed in such a way that a common man can relate to. Each and Every song brings out a different emotion. With hope and Love, Jazba E Junoon is looking forward to step into National Music Scene.

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