Saturday, July 4, 2015

Youth Icon Arjun Kapoor Urges You to Choose the Simpler, Healthier Cycle

The unassuming Arjun Kapoor has charmed millions of fans onscreen. Off-screen, this young star focuses on suitable causes & issues that he can help amplify; making him a natural influencer of youth opinion. After having highlighted climate change awareness, this youth icon is focusing on the benefits of cycling as the brand ambassador of Hero cycles.

As the brand ambassador of WWF, Arjun has utilized every opportunity to build awareness on climate change amongst the youth.He encourages conservation of natural resources in every big and small way. Having helmed the Earth Hour initiative successfully, and having amplified it’s message exponentially, WWF decided to make Arjun their brand ambassador.  Living by his word, Arjun reduces power consumption fuels with the right personal choices. 

His commitment to environmental awareness is in perfect synergy with Hero Cycles. Cycling is a popular form of transport for city commutes across the Western world. Here in India, it’s a habit that has been lost over time with motorbikes & cars taking over.

Arjun wants to focus on the benefits of cycling- as a form of easy exercise & also to save on fossil fuel consumption. An inspiring example of dealing with weight issues & becoming super fit himself, he believes riding cycles is simpler & leads to lesser dependence on automobiles. In traffic clogged roads of Indian cities, riding a cycle can only be liberating.

As the saying goes, you don’t need to go anywhere to enjoy the ride! And Arjun Kapoor has set the rights wheels in motion by telling you to cycle your way to fitness!

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