Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Rhea Chakraborty Set to Kick Ass with Krav Maga!

Being a single woman in the city isn’t always safe, and female actors are no exception to this. Rhea Chakraborty, the talented young actress, who works long hours on shoots or assignments, has once faced a threat to her safety close to home. In an interview to a tabloid, she recalled how a stranger had groped her in the elevator of her society building in broad daylight, despite it being guarded. Therefore, to gain strength and more importantly, to build her self defence, Rhea is training in Krav Maga.

A mixed martial art that utilizes the strength of a person’s body to fight,’Krav Maga’ was developed in Israel as a fitness regimen. A global rage with stars like Daniel Craig, Tom Cruise & Hillary Swank, this fitness & self defence technique sets Rhea apart from contemporary female actors; for it also trains her in action.                                                                                                        
On her part, the 23 year old is giving her training her complete attention. She said, "I'd say Krav Maga is more mind than body. You need to quickly assess a situation and modify whatever you have into a potential weapon. Your mind needs to be sharp, so it can match the blows the body will receive to the blow you will deliver," she says. "Might I add that this translates to improved stress-management skills in the real world," she adds.

So the next time anyone messes with Rhea, the perpetrator might just get a taste of some serious butt kicking Krav Maga medicine!

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