Saturday, July 4, 2015

On his 30th Birthday, Ranveer sends a Special Gift to 30 Lucky Fans!

Like us mere mortals, Bollywood stars also get gifts, wishes & love from their fans & admirers on their birthday. Only in their case, they get it in truckloads! Ranveer Singh though has done something different for his 30th birthday on July 6. To ring in his special day, he has a special gift planned for a few fans!

The maverick star has sent a mug with a handwritten personal message to 30 of his biggest fans. 15 of these lucky people are from India and the other 15 are from all over the world. So before he turns 30, these 30 fans will receive a special word of love, personally written out by their favorite Ranveer Singh!

This uncommon and sweet gesture from Ranveer just goes on to show how well he knows his fan following. The actor personally interacts with them on social media, and is actually interested in what they have to say. By sending them a gift himself, he also breaks a cliché. For Ranveer, birthdays are about giving love; goodwill and affection follow naturally! His super thrilled fans have been tweeting about Ranveer’s gesture already.

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