Wednesday, July 12, 2023

72 Hoorain crashes badly at the box office

After courting multiple controversies just before the release of the film, Bahattar Hoorain (72 Hoorain) could not draw the audience into the theatres, the way ‘The Kashmir Files’ or ‘The Kerala Story’ did. Starring Pavan Malhotra and Ameer Bashir in lead roles, the film that was accused of 'hurting religious sentiments' is a huge box office dud and continues to tank at the box office. The total box office collection that is estimated to be around Rs 2 crore as per reports, sank further and there seems to be no revival for the film now. 

Directed by Sanjay Puran Singh and produced by Ashoke Pandit, Bahattar Hoorain (72 Hoorain) revolves around the ’72 Hoorain’ theory where the jihadis are brainwashed into committing acts in the name of religion.  They’re promised to be welcomed by 72 Fairies (72 Hoorain) at the entrance gate of heaven post once they leave their mortal lives, which has been debunked by many Islamic scholars in the past. The film is a satire on terrorism and people who think it is their staircase to heaven.

The story takes place at an extremists training facility where Hakim (Pavan Malhotra) and Bilal (Aamir Bashir) are instructed that if they give their lives in the name of Allah, they will be rewarded with bahattar hoorain (72 beautiful virgins) in heaven. However, following their terror attack that bomb up Mumbai’s Gateway, these two suicide bombers are surprised to not end up in the arms of a beautiful virgin. Rather, they get a reality check as their souls get trapped to witness how everything was one big lie. How they react to their decision of being wrongly getting influenced by a Maulvi and blindly trusting the people who misused their faith is what the main crux of the film comprises.

The film that was eventually released in theatres on July 7 without a trailer was earlier premiered at the 50th IFFI 2019, where it won the ICFT-UNESCO Gandhi Medal-special mention for promoting peace and inter-cultural dialogue. The makers who unfortunately took the route of ‘controversy’ to create the buzz failed to draw crowds to the theatres where 72 Hoorain saw an overall occupancy of only 7.84 per cent in the Hindi belt.

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