Saturday, July 8, 2023

Experience the Beautiful yet complicating emotions of love with “Aarzoo” by Iqlipse Nova

After the success of his romantic single, Khwab by Iqlipse Nova, experience the beautiful yet complicating emotions of love with “Aarzoo”. Crooned by Iqlipse Nova, the rising star in the Indie music scene, he is back with another melodious and captivating track “Aarzoo” in association with Sony Music. Igniting the airwaves with its soothing melody and heartfelt lyrics, ‘Aarzoo’ is a laid-back love pop song that delves into the complex feeling of falling in love with your best friend.

Composed and sung by the exceptionally talented IITian turned artist-entrepreneur, Iqlipse Nova, he skillfully weaves together enchanting melodies and soulful verses, creating a musical masterpiece that resonates with the hearts of listeners. The harmonious tunes and meaningful lyrics do not fail to sweep you off your feet. ‘Aarzoo’ boasts a unique combination of pop beats and catchy melodies, making it an enchanting musical journey that will tug your heartstrings and evoke emotions of unspoken love.

Commenting on the release, Iqlipse Nova said, "After receiving an overwhelming response for my previous release "Khwab," I wanted to create something more relatable for the youth, that would provide them with a sense of comfort and ‘Aarzoo’ conveys that emotion beautifully. The whirl of emotions felt while being in love with a close friend can be tricky to handle but ‘Aarzoo’ splendidly takes you through this journey. This song is my attempt to articulate a sense of feeling that we all have felt sometime in life and I know it resonates with everyone somewhere. This song is personally very close to my heart and I hope it will strike a chord in the listeners heart too.”

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