Thursday, July 20, 2023

Celebrating the swag, "This is Haryana" by Badal is the coolest hip-hop anthem

Crooned, penned and composed by Badal, with music by Yeah Proof, the spirit, the colours, the vibe; Step into the world of Haryana through Badal's hip hop anthem, a song that pulsates with the rhythm of haryanvi roots. Get ready to witness the magic of Haryana as TM Music unveils its latest anthem that transports us to the hinterland of hip-hop and Akhadas.  

‘This is Haryana’, featuring rising hip-hop sensation Badal, is a snazzy celebration of a state that is a bright melting pot of cultures, traditions and thoughts. The song’s lyrics perfectly capture the diverse essence of Haryana, and its punchy beats weave a groovy appeal around the tune. “Haryana" is not just a song; it is a celebration of the uniqueness, energy, and cultural richness of Haryana. It encapsulates the essence of the state, combining the traditional and the modern in a way that resonates with the people and captures their pride and swag. The video is shot in Badal's hometown of Safido, providing an authentic backdrop that captures the core essence of Haryana. The video showcases various iconic locations and elements that represent the state, such as vibrant markets, lush fields, the energetic hip hop moves, the local faces and the authentic Haryana common din.

A writer, rapper, singer and music producer, Badal is an artist with many musical facets. Fondly called as Safidon Ka Chhora, he is crafting an ode to the place he calls home with ‘This is Haryana’. The track melodiously blends an old school world with a modern twist that defines the soul of today’s Haryana.

‘This is Haryana’ also boasts of an uber cool music video directed by Deepesh Goyal. Personifying the Haryanvi way of life with stylish and funky flair, Badal takes centre stage in the video, as he exudes pure desi hip hop swagger. With vintage beats and a modern twist, we present a musical voyage that celebrates the vibrant culture of Haryana. Through the song, singer Badal says, “we lyrically paint a vivid picture of its traditions, resilience, and raw beauty. From the energetic dance forms to the spirited festivals, every note resonates with the spirit of the land. Join us on this journey, where the old meets the new!”

Talking about the tune, singer Badal said, “This is Haryana is very close to my heart as it's a tribute to my homeland. It has an unabashedly desi heart tune mixed with my signature style. While the song’s core may be local, its appeal is universal. This is a hip-hop anthem that talks about staying true to our roots, an idea that resonates with people no matter what their geography. I look forward to listeners enjoying my latest creation”.

Sharing his thoughts on the track, Rohit Sobti, Co- Founder, TM Music said, “This is Haryana celebrates Haryana’s diverse glory. With Badal’s trademark style as well as funky lyrics and groovy beats, this track should connect with Swag of Haryana and lovers of independent music. Haryana is a collaborative effort that seeks to glorify Haryana and showcase its diversity, pride, and swag. The song, along with its visually appealing video, is intended to create a sense of celebration and pride among the people of Haryana, while also captivating a broader audience with its catchy beats and vibrant representation of the state.”

Ever since its inception, TM Music has unearthed gifted talents and glorious music from all over the country. ‘This is Haryana’ is the latest gem in TM Music’s treasure trove of earthy, unique and original music.

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