Sunday, July 23, 2023

‘The Trees Told Me So’ speaks about the beautiful bond between grandparents and grandchildren

Today being Grandparent's Day (July 23), Dubai-based author Purva Grover shares how she has explored the beautiful bond between grandparents and grandchildren in her book, The Trees Told Me So. The book is the labour of love of journalist, author, poetess, playwright, stage director, TED X speaker, and creative entrepreneur, who believes in the power of stories, “Many of us grew up listening to bedtime stories. Our parents and grandparents would read out stories to us and tuck us into bed! However, the tradition of storytelling is slowly vanishing. Let's revive the best and oldest form of education. It is a great tool to pass down cultures and traditions to future generations." She has also authored two other books; She & It was the year 2020.

In The Trees Told Me So, a story, A Summer Ritual, revolves around the relationship between a granddaughter and her grandparents over a simple summer ritual of visiting them every summer. “To remember, realise and value the meaning of the word family. A bunch of individuals in different age groups and with different temperaments who spend their lives under one roof, acknowledging and overlooking each other’s limitations, and applauding the goodness. To understand that as a family, we are meant to forget and forgive, and blossom together; irrespective of our egos, ambitions, differences, challenges, dreams, and insecurities,” says Purva is the message of the story.

“Summer was special; the time we'd all gather at their home. And there was always space for everyone: two Aunts, two Uncles, Mum, Dad and six grandchildren. I spent 18 ‘full’ summers with Granny, Grandpa and the mango tree. And while everything around us changed, we stuck to this one routine. It was a simple routine; a ritual that involved booking train (later, flight) tickets, packing bags and spending a few weeks in their home. None of us ever spoke of the worth of its existence or the consequences if it were to be discontinued. There was no need to discuss the ‘usual.”

Purva says, “If trees could talk, they’d have so much to tell: The story of two broken hearts, that stolen first kiss, those last words of a mother to her son, endless cups of tea and never-ending chatter, of nostalgia, an act of brutality and a tale of passion. In this collection of short stories, The Trees Told Me So, Purva Grover draws a beautiful and poignant picture of love, life and loss, with an honest voice. And the common thread running through the stories is that nature (Read: A tree) stands witness like an old soul—full of wisdom and compassion. A silent observer, a keeper of secrets, yet the tree is always an integral part of the character’s very being.”

“Why did the trees speak to me? Why did characters whose lives had been touched by the trees decide to confide in me? I am yet to know. Could it be because I promised to listen closely? I took notes of thoughts that came and vanished. I scribbled down memories that I wished we cherished. I was patient when I met up with people who ached to share. I dealt with questions that made me uncomfortable. I let the sceneries, objects, and situations inspire me. I expressed joy, love, anxiety, disappointment, anger, happiness, and pain. Together, we weaved these 11 tales. Of faith, funeral; of dads, dreams; of growth, greed; of sins, secrets; of chai, confessions; of relationships, reflections; of lives, loves, and living. And we remembered to do so with honesty because it’s only the honest words that have the power to bring a change, touch hearts, and awaken minds. I can only hope we never lose faith in words. These tales are now as much yours as mine,” added Purva.

So, if it's words that you are falling short of, then the book has you covered with its emotional, heart-wrenching relatable memories. Personalised presents are the perfect way to show just how much you care about someone, and you can get the books author-signed for your grandparents.

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