Thursday, July 13, 2023

Marry My Dead Body premieres August 10 globally on Netflix

Sensational horror-comedy film Marry My Dead Body will premiere on Netflix on August 10, bringing the unique Taiwanese tradition of ghost marriage to audiences globally during the Ghost Month. Starring Hsu Kuang Han, Austin Lin and Gingle Wang, the heart-warming Taiwanese horror-comedy film presents a humorous take on tradition, perfect for Ghost Month.

Centered around the ghost marriage between Wu Ming-Han (Hsu Kuang Han) and Mao Pang-Yu (Austin Lin) and incorporating elements of fantasy, supernatural, and LGBTQ+ issues, Marry My Dead Body has taken Taiwan by storm, earning a box office revenue of USD 11.5 million (NTD 360 million) and claiming the top spot for Mandarin films in the first half of the year. It won the “Best Screenplay” award at the 25th Taipei Film Festival held last Saturday, and was also nominated for "Best Actor" and "Best Visual Effects".

Fans around the world will have the opportunity to enjoy this heart-warming action-comedy film on Netflix and appreciate the unbelievable yet unique bond between humans and ghosts. Lead actor Hsu Kuang Han, who plays a passionate policeman in the film, expressed his excitement, "It’s my pleasure to introduce Marry My Dead Body to everyone on Netflix. I hope you will all show your support for this differentiated film on the platform”.

Austin Lin, who plays the role of a recently deceased young man in the film and has been nominated for Best Actor at the Taipei Film Festival, eagerly anticipates the film's international release, sharing, "I hope everyone can learn more about the ghost marriage culture and witness the sweetness and craziness within it through Marry My Dead Body. Of course, I'm also looking forward to how the audience worldwide will interpret the love depicted in this film.”

Gingle Wang, who won the 22nd Taipei Film Best Actress award, also expressed her excitement in meeting the world through Netflix. “This film touches upon various topical issues, and people from different backgrounds will surely find moments that would resonate most with them,” she added.

Marry My Dead Body tells the story of Wu Ming-Han (Hsu Kuang Han), a straight policeman who is homophobic and afraid of ghosts. While collecting evidence for a case, he accidentally picks up a red envelope and is forced to marry Mao Pang-Yu (Austin Lin), who died under mysterious circumstances. The duo must work through their differences and join forces to solve the case, seeking justice for Mao and embarking on a ludicrous and tear-inducing journey together.

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