Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Yuvaa partners with Navya Nanda for their 4th pan India college roadshow titled ‘You Grow, Girl’

Yuvaa, India’s leading Gen Z-driven youth media, research, and impact organisation, and Navya Naveli Nanda, a prominent youth icon and entrepreneur, are thrilled to announce their collaboration for an exciting pan India roadshow. The roadshow will traverse 25 prestigious colleges across 8 cities, with the aim of engaging with and empowering thousands of young Indians, especially young women. 

Yuvaa, known for its impact-driven youth initiatives, has joined forces with Navya Nanda, an influential figure among the youth, and explored a strategic partnership with L'Oréal Paris to create an immersive experience designed to address the challenges and aspirations of the Gen Z young Indians. The roadshow will serve as a platform for students to interact with Navya Nanda as well as Yuvaa Co-founder Nikhil Taneja, gain insights from their experiences, and explore avenues for personal and professional growth.

The roadshow commenced on 4th July 2023 from Delhi and will continue for several months covering 25 colleges and 8 cities across the country, where Yuvaa, Navya Nanda and Nikhil Taneja will be part of town hall conversation with the students. The event will featured discussions, interactive sessions, and workshops covering a wide range of topics including entrepreneurship, mental health, gender equality, career guidance, and more. Towards the culmination of the session, participants will have the opportunity to engage with Yuvaa and L'Oréal Paris for training programs that will encourage them to pursue their goals.

As part of the session, the attending students will be undergoing a training module on safety and street harassment by L'Oréal Paris as part of their ‘Stand Up’ initiative, along with tips on what they can do if they are faced with such a situation. After the session, students will be presenting their respective business ideas to be a part of the ‘You Grow, Girl!’ Fellowship, where they will receive grants to grow or scale their business ideas, along with training sessions from Yuvaa, Navya Nanda, Nikhil Taneja and other industry experts. Throughout the roadshow, Yuvaa, Navya Nanda and Nikhil Taneja will foster a nurturing environment that encourages dialogue, learning, and collaboration. With their combined expertise, they aim to inspire young minds, provide practical knowledge, and empower the youth to pursue their passions fearlessly.

Through this initiative, Navya Nanda, Nikhil Taneja and Yuvaa will work together to provide a wide range of opportunities for personal and professional development. The program will focus on enhancing skills, building self-confidence, promoting mental health, and fostering an inclusive environment for young girls to thrive. "Young girls are the future of our nation, and it is crucial to empower them with the right tools and support system," said Navya Nanda. "I am thrilled to collaborate with Yuvaa for the 'You Grow, Girl' initiative, where we will work towards nurturing their aspirations and creating a more equitable society."

Yuvaa's CEO, Mr. Kevin Lee, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, saying, "Yuvaa’s roadshows have always been our way of listening to young people on ground and giving them opportunities to express themselves - and teaming up with Navya and L’Oréal Paris to create spaces that empower young women to embrace their potential is very exciting. We’ve met over 10,000 young people on our roadshows in the last 4 years, and we look forward to all the meaningful thoughts, conversations, and experiences we’re going to have in the next 2 months.”

To ensure the sustainability and long-term impact of the initiative, Navya Nanda, Nikhil Taneja and Yuvaa will actively engage with local communities, educational institutions, and government bodies. By fostering partnerships and collaborations, they aim to create an environment where every young girl feels empowered, confident, and equipped to pursue her dreams.

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