Wednesday, December 3, 2014

‘Ashamed’ a short film promoted by Pocket Films goes viral

‘Ashamed’ a short film promoted by ‘Pocket Films’ is a film with a powerful impact and lesson for all those who still follow eve teasing. The film directed by Khalil Herekar has gone viral with over 2 lakhs viewers in a span of 10 days. This movie will surely leave all of us shocked and we will be ashamed if something like this would happen to us.

‘Ashamed’ is a short film where four men are enjoying their time with each other, where they suddenly see a woman pass by on the street and their intention completely changes and they decide to follow her and tease her. While she was being harassed she tries to escape where one of the man stops her.

According to Saameer Mody, Managing Director of Pocket Films, “Pocket Films strongly believes that short films have the power and ability to create social awareness in the society especially to stop violence against women’. ‘Ashamed’ is a short film which focus on a man’s approach to eve teasing under different circumstances.  This short film is a must watch as it will definitely make every man sit up and think about this evil issue still haunting our society. We are looking forward to promote and support such movies which would help the society to sit back and think to support and speak against such crimes and which would be an eye opener for everyone in the society.”

Khalil Herekar said, “Ashamed– Ab Toh Sharm Karo came from our heart. We made the film to show our anguish about the menace of eve-teasing, molestation, rape. The best in the industry have worked on it, not for monetary gains but because they wanted to do something for the cause. Pocket Films is the most trustworthy and well-connected distribution channel on the web, we are proud to be associated with Saameer and Pocket Films. The public response to the film on the internet has been overwhelming. It has encouraged us to make more such impactful films that help bring a good change in the lives of people. We look forward to it.”

Wana watch the film? You can see it here..

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