Friday, December 5, 2014

Srishty Rode plays Goddess of Passion on Big Magic’s Mahisagar

With excitement and romance all around, watch Mahi’s heart go pitter patter for Sagar. Playing the Goddess of Passion - Rati, Srishty Rode descends on earth to spread more love and what better than Mahi Sagar to start from. The actress is sure to leave the audiences in splits with her incredible performance this Friday 5th December, at 7.30pm on Big Magic’s  Mahisagar!

Sagar’s childhood friend Sunny visits Mahi and Sagar from America. On the other hand, Kamdev and Goddess Rati visit Earth on a day trip from Heaven. On witnessing Sunny’s dull reaction towards Mahi they mistake him to be her husband and strike him with the arrow of love which makes Sunny fall in love with Mahi. Soon, they realise the blunder and decide to strike Mahi with an arrow too which in turn makes her go head over heels for Sagar. What ensues is an episode bursting with hilarity, slip-ups and romance. Will Sunny ever stop loving Mahi? Or will he eliminate Sagar from the love triangle?

Watch this episode of slip ups with the stunning actress Srishty Rode on Mahisagar at 7.30pm this Friday 5th December only on- Big Magic!

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