Sunday, December 7, 2014

Courage redefined on HallaBol 2 : To showcase an inspiring story of a woman

HallaBol, the show that features courageous stories of women, is all set to kick-start its new season with stories of the womenbreaking stereotypes and emerging as real heroes. Self proclaimed feminist and one the most popular faces on television, Karan Tacker will be seen taking the audience through the amazing journey of women who have overcome various stereotypes. The second episode will portray the story of a woman who takes a stand for herself irrespective of the societal norms and pressures.

Anjali, a free spirited and bubbly girl who always liveslife on her own terms is all set to enter into a new phase of her life. Anjali who is a family oriented girl readily agrees to marry a boy of her parent’s choice Nishank. Anjali is happy with her parent’s decision as she believes Nishank understands and supports her to pursue her dreams even after marriage and is looking forward for the D day. But as the big day approaches, Anjali is shocked to see changes in Nishank’s behavior. Anjali shares her concern with her family, but is taken aback to see that her parents advise her to compromise and make sacrifices as every girl is expected to make at some point. With no support from her loved ones, the strong and independent girl is left helpless and is dreaded with the thought of marrying Nishank.

Will Anjali’s nightmare come true? Will she compromise with her dreams to fulfill her parent’s wish? Will Anjali break under societal and parental pressure or will she take a stand for herself, breaking free of all norms? To find out Anjali’s story, tune into HallaBol, today 07th December, 2014 at 6 pm on bindass!

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