Friday, December 12, 2014

Deepika Padukone for the first time reveals her beauty secrets in this video

Envy of a million ladies and desire of, many more men, Deepika is the perfect epitome of beauty, spontaneity and charisma. Deepika is always known to experiment with her looks, especially her hair. For the first time she reveals the secret behind her lustrous locks.

Deepika says "I think it is the Magical Laurites of coconut oil that gives my hair everything that it needs. It makes them look healthy and nourished. Most importantly the business that I am in, I love experimenting with different kinds of hairstyles and I think with healthy strong hair it allows me to do that. If you talk about my favourite hairstyles, it would be a really big textured hair like a bee."

Deepika further shares a few lifestyle tips, ‘’To lead a healthy lifestyle, sleep adequately, I know that everyone is always saying this but I think if you do it for a couple of days, you actually see the results. Drink lots of water, eat balanced meals, this is what I believe in and ofcourse exercise is a very important part of my daily routine.’’

Check out this video where Deepika Padukone shares the One ‘Secret’ Ingredient that makes her Hair Gorgeous… 

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