Tuesday, December 16, 2014

"Just Think : The Final Justice" - a film that will make you change the way you think

Afraid of being rejected or deserted inside their hearts and spirits, Rapists are nothing but little men who need to feel powerful…

Exactly two years ago, five men raped a 23-year-old woman in a moving Delhi bus, inserted a rod into her, pulled her intestines out, and threw her and her male friend out in the cold streets. While the incident is yet to be erased from memory, the recent rape by an Uber cab driver in the political capital of the country shook the nation once again. With rape incidents fast becoming everyday news, one thing is clear - In these two years nothing much has changed. While we blame women for wearing provocative clothing or being out till late at night, hardly anyone speaks about the ill, ugly mentality that thinks of committing such heinous crimes. It was time to understand the psychology of these rapists and what makes me commit this ghastly acts.

Working on this psychology, Eon Films in association with Ved Arts has come up with new short film “Just Think : The Final Justice”. Directed by Satish Shukla who has helmed the baton doing many of the episodes of “Crime Patrol Dastak” conceived this while working on one of the episodes. He put it across to his friend and producer Neeraj Tyagi as well as Mohan Das of Eon Films who immediately agreed to be a part of this project.

Director Satish Shukla on the monitor
An 8 minute silent film with a message to “Stop this SHAME right in the Minds from where it rises,” director Satish Shukla says, “We often tend to look beyond the headlines instead of getting to the root of the problem - How We Think. While we often teach our women to be more careful and ask them not to go out alone at night or avoid strangers in dark alleyways, we for a change, don’t teach our Men NOT TO RAPE. For a change, we need to change this thought. And this can only change if it’s stopped from within.” He further added, “As every shame rises from within, it’s natural that every shame should be stopped from within. We need to STOP this SHAME right in our minds and think of the Final Justice before committing such a ghastly crime.”

Starring Moni Rai and Latika Gill, "With this silent film we are trying to put across a message loud and clear: No law can change a Human. It’s unto one’s own self to change the thought process and choose between the right and the wrong,” says Mohan Das who is presenting the film. “We are not only planning to take it across to various festivals, but also planning for special screening at colleges as well as looking for a special screening in the public service category on various satellite channels as well as on the government regulated Doordarshan. If we are able to change the thought process of even a few men, our goal of doing this film will be accomplished.”

Produced by Neeraj Tyagi, the cinematography of “Just Think: The Final Justice” has been done by Anik Verma, music composed by Sunil Patni and the editing by Laxman More. 

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