Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Canon launches Red Line range of professional camera bags

Canon India, a leader in the digital imaging space, has launched the Red Line range of professional camera bags, that will be available exclusively at Canon’s own brand shops, the Canon Image Square, across the country. Designed specifically for enthusiasts and photographers, Canon India’s flagship line-up of bags feature maximum durability and weather resistance, allowing users to safeguard their equipment with ease.

Available in two categories – Professional and Classic, the bags complement Canon’s extensive range of cameras and lenses. The Professional line features camera backpacks and shoulder bags for professional DSLR users whereas the Classic line carries camera shoulder bags suited for first time DSLR users.

The price range of the Red Line series ranges from INR 1,799 to INR 16,900 giving consumers a wide price range to choose from. The RL PB-01 which is the flagship backpack features a lightweight construction, capable of fitting a complete set of photographic equipment and a 15” laptop. Additionally, it can hold a tripod and a pair of trekking poles and features a waterproof zipper and a rain cover for use in extreme weather conditions. For maximum security, equipment can be placed in a compartment that can only be accessed from the back. The quick access compartment located at the top of the bag also allows users fast and convenient access to equipment so that one doesn’t miss a shot.

The RL PS-01 (which is the full- size shoulder bag equivalent of the RL PB-01) boasts of similar features. Made of durable fabric, the bag is designed with a handle at the bottom for easy access from overhead cabin compartments. To make it even more travel-friendly, it can also be attached to a luggage wheeler to minimise the carrying load. These professional bags are meant for those enthusiasts and photographers who have up to 2 DSLR cameras, multiple lenses and other accessories like flashes etc. They are also suitable for wildlife photographers who use longer lenses.

The Classic Line features two bags, the Classic Camera Bag M and Classic Camera Bag S. Lightweight and compact, both shoulder bags feature front and side pockets for accessories and a tough base to take the rigors of everyday use. This makes them highly suitable for first time DSLR users who have also bought up to two lenses.

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