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Saurabbh Roy: Unleashing his selfless side and it’s not a performance

There is something cinematic about this handsome actor as he walked against the backdrop of the sunset and into coffee shop at Hotel Novotel, Juhu to meet me. From winning the Grasim Mr. India 2006 to participating in Khatron Ke Khiladi, Saurabbh Roy is still the same simple and shy guy as we met long back. As his film “Luv.. Phir Kabhie” readies to release the Christmas week (26th December), he’s cool, composed and remarkably sensitive, unlike newcomers getting jittery on the eve of a release. As we sit enjoying the coffee and chat about his to release film, he stops to admire the setting sun and offers a simple tribute: “Wow, that’s gorgeous.” This is Saurabbh Roy for you - remarkably down to earth, humble, and modest and someone who gets moved even by a simple act of nature.

Films & TV World: How would you define Saurabbh Roy the person?
Saurabbh Roy: I m very simple and shy guy. I did my graduation and post graduation in fine arts from Jamia, which in a way is now helping me understand the finer nuances of a character needed on screen. I’m a workaholic and can say very dedicated to my work. I love soft and romantic music. Having said that I would also like to add that I love silence, but I’m not a loner.

FTV: One has to handle a lot of rejections to become a part of this industry. What about you?
SR: I guess rejections make you strong... You need a strong will power to face that... I heard one story that Bachchan saab was once rejected by a Radio Channel because of his voice and now it’s the craze of the nation. As for me, I’m quick learner and try to convert my negatives into positive.

FTV: From being Grasim Mr. India 2006 to KKK to LPK. What is it like to be waiting for your first film?
SR: Being an artist, I have lots of patience. I guess, when you want to create a master piece, you need to give it time. Had I got the offer of my debut film “Luv Phir Kabhie (LPK)” when I won Mr India title, perhaps I would not have been able to do justice to the same role and the script. With each passing day and with a few rejections too, it did teach me a lot. And you will perhaps see that difference in LPK.

FTV: Tell us more about LPK and your character. How did the role come to you?
SR: Luv Phir Kabhie is a simple Luv story that will tickle your nerves, make you laugh, make you cry, make you understand few aspects of luv that generally we tend to ignore. It shows what all a guy goes through for the girl he sincerely luvs. In the film, Im playing a simple and workaholic character - Aayush. He is sincere, honest, diligent and he will just do anything to impress the girl he loves. In a way, it defines my character. However, in real life I’m still searching for my dream girl for whom I will be ready to do anything.

FTV: Any particular instance where you had your way without hampering the prospects’ of the project?
SR: About me, I can say that I’m an absolute director’s actor. I can't question my director as he obviously has more experience than me. I would rather say that I learnt a lot being a fresher and that was the most wonderful achievement. As for having my way in the film, well, I would say that I got a chance to explore a lot while playing the character Aayush. However, going by requirements of Indian and Hindi cinema where their lead has to look good, we somehow tried to steer a bit away from the routine. While it’s normal to throw in a few tantrums to get your way, ours was a mutual decision. I insisted on keeping my look close to reality and my producer/ director Mr. Ajay Yadav approved of the same. He is a fabulous gem of a person and he taught me a lot on the job.

FTV: Heard you guys really enjoyed shooting for the promotional song of Luv Phir Kabhie?
SR: Yea, we shot for the most sizzling promotional song which is sung by Namberdar Singh from Delhi. Whoever has seen the song said that it will mark the beginning of a new era. Super model of India Aakriti Anand Singh has given that oomph and hotness to the song. International model Huda has also sizzled in this number apart from Namberdar and me. My director Ajayji feels that the chemistry between me and Aakriti is sure to take one’s breath away. Hope the audience likes it.

FTV: So you had the most fun working with Aakriti or the heroine of the film?
SR: Frankly speaking, I’m a very serious actor. Generally I’m very silent and I was so much in the skin of character on the sets that I forgot the fun behind the camera.

FTV: First film and all newcomers are more anxious. Are you ready to take on audience’s criticism or critical reviews in stride?
SR: I’m not anxious. Rather, I’m more relaxed as I gave my 200 percent to the film - right from body language to diction. And I believe in one thing - if you work hard with pure heart it does pay well. Right now I am concentrating on the promotion of the film and I am hoping for the best. Have been getting a lot of positive vibes from the younger generation, who have been liking us and waiting anxiously to see the movie.

Yes, being my debut film, I am looking forward to audience’s positive adulation as well as criticism for my work. Failure doesn’t discourage me. Rather, knowing your stronger points as well as your weak and grey areas at the start, will help me quickly learn and correct the same. I would rather say, that it would boost my confidence and encourage me to give my best shot. Audience and critics are like teachers who scold students and correct them to do the best. As for the film doing good or not, it all depends on the audience and whatever luck has in store for all of us.

FTV: What kind of films would you like to do? Any shade or any character you want to portray?
SR: I’m an actor and I want to explore myself more and more. Not many are aware that I’m also trained in martial arts and a Gold medalist from Barry John's acting studio. I would want to explore all possibilities that an actor can. Let me also tell you about this movie “The Artist” that I saw. Its mind blowing and I would love to attempt that kind of cinema. It’s a challenge and maybe someday Bollywood will also attempt something as cool as that.

FTV: Of the current crop of actors, whom do you see yourself competing with?
SR: None! I compete only with myself. Every morning when I wake up, I only see myself in the mirror and I challenge myself. I still remember Akshay Saab in my last episode of Khatron Ke Khiladi 4 said that I can do anything. It’s an inspiration that will stay always and challenge me to give my best. I want to do amazing work and be in films right from typical commercial to hard hitting films and want people to love my films. I believe, the day I am satisfied, I may stop giving my best.

Of the current crop of actors, all are good and they have already established themselves. I am just starting off my career and it would be a pleasure to have them choose me to work with them. I’m very small in front of them and I wish they would choose to work with me.

Having said this, his phone started ringing and he got ready to rush for another promotional event of Luv… Phir Kabhie. As he bid goodbye, he apologized for having to leave and promised to catch up soon at the screening of his film. Even I wished this upcoming star the Best for his movie and promised to continue with this interview… Phir Kabhie!
Mohan Das, Guest Editor

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