Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Evara Platinum Blessings for the modern Bride and Groom unveiled in Mumbai

The Platinum Evara campaign stars, Amrita Puri and Smaran Sahu showcase the elegant range of jewellery

Platinum Guild International today introduced Evara Platinum Blessings the much awaited foray of platinum in the bridal jewellery segment in the style capital of India Mumbai. Introduced with an exquisite range of jewellery for men and women, Evara Platinum Blessings taps into the massive growth potential of the bridal jewellery market to offer an opportunity for dual gifting for the modern bride and the groom from the parents, in-laws or from the elders in the family, who wish to bless the couple.

Showcasing the Platinum Evara range of jewellery in all its splendour, were the stars of the Evara Platinum Blessings campaign; actress Amrita Puri and fashion model Smaran Sahu. At the launch, Vaishali Banerjee, Country Manager India, Platinum Guild International and Michael Foley, Jewellery & Product Designer, Foley Designs elaborated on the concept and the emotion behind Evara Platinum Blessings.

Built on platinum heritage and infused with cultural relevance integral to Indian weddings the name Evara is rooted in Sanskrit and stands for blessings and carries with it the platinum promise of everlasting love. Love is at the heart of every Platinum Evara design as each piece has a ‘Platinum Bond’ that holds multiple strands of platinum together, symbolic of a coming together to create a beautiful new relationship.

Vaishali Banerjee, Country Manager India, Platinum Guild International said, “We have seen phenomenal success of the platinum programmes till date and how well it has resonated with young India, making platinum a must-have in their wardrobe. So we step forward and embark on a new journey to create and build another platinum milestone with Evara Platinum Blessings, a blessing of everlasting love from the parents to the bridal couple at the wedding.”

She further added, “Platinum bridal is not about traditional wedding day jewellery. Platinum is about emotions and expressions of love and it was very important to stay true to platinum and form a differentiated position in the bridal jewellery segment, which is highly cluttered and traditional. So in a space that is so social and outward, with emphasis on display of wealth and status, platinum had to define a place that is personal, special and emotional. Hence the creation of Evara Platinum Blessings, a space unique to platinum and most definitely in the wedding domain. And because blessings are always everlasting and all about love.”

Michael Foley, Jewellery & Product Designer, Foley Designs said, “Platinum Evara brings a contemporary expression to ornamentation with a sense of sophistication. The first challenge of taking platinum into bridal wear was to filter several design directions to create a universal concept that stays unique to platinum and its core essence. The journey began with building design concepts depicting the symbolic essence of everlasting bonds. The platinum bond, a soft contoured design form, did seem to converge from a series of evolutionary refinements, making it versatile to women’s and men’s jewellery. The intent of every piece in Evara is to symbolically create a bond representing the convergence of two families and subsequently building new relationships. The strands are versatile elements that could take any form such as ropes, links, chains all depicting the confluence of families.”

Speaking on Evara, Actress Amrita Puri said, “I think Platinum Evara is a great way for parents to bless a newly married couple with everlasting love. I love this Platinum Bond, as it signifies the coming together of 2 families. What I like about the Platinum Evara is that it has been designed for me.  It can be worn beyond just the wedding occasions. I can team it up with almost anything in my wardrobe be it Indian, Western or Formal. But what is even more special is that every time I would wear this, I would be carrying with me my parents love and blessings. I think I would be very touched if my parents gifted me Platinum Evara when I decide to get married.”

Smaran Sahu from the Platinum Evara campaign added, “The blessings of parents are very significant during any marriage and I think Platinum Evara is a modern way for parents to express this thought. Personally I don’t wear a lot of jewellery, but when I saw Evara, I immediately took to the designs. It’s minimal, elegant and my personal favourite is the Platinum Evara Chain it’s very versatile and something I could wear every day.”

Platinum Evara jewellery has been designed keeping in mind that it can be worn beyond just the wedding occasions. So post marriage, right from a promotion or a new venture to a baby shower or an anniversary and so on, key milestones are designed with blessings and made of precious platinum. The concept of Platinum Evara will be promoted through a robust 360-degree campaign to inspire an emotional connect for platinum wedding jewellery. This will be supported by a strong trade programme that will deliver a superior consumer experience in-store with dedicated branded Platinum Evara zones.

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