Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Love is beautiful…but once scorn in love it can be devastating & dangerous.

Sylvia Vargas met the love of her life when she was in high school. He was the first and only man in her life. Marriage was the next step. Little she did know that the man she loved would change drastically within a year of their marriage.

On the upcoming episode of Cheaters on BIG CBS SPARK, another love story will come to a tragic end. Hearts will be broken and some relationships will change forever. In her 20s and few months back happily married Sylvia Vargas was hoping that all her doubt be proven wrong and that her husband would come out clean. But her nightmare came true when she caught her husband red handed with another woman.

Cheaters, the big daddy of all the reality shows and has captured a number of unusual incidents on infidelity. Be it husband cheating on wife, mother dating son’s best friend, a man three timing or gay cheating on his boyfriend. Will Sylvia forgive her husband or leave him for the good? Watch the episode on 24th August 2011 at 8:00 p.m only on BIG CBS SPARK. 

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