Friday, October 10, 2014

2nd Music Composer's Lab at 16th Mumbai Film Festival

The Mumbai Composers Lab was started by UK based composer and producer Andrew T. Mackay as part of the Mumbai Film Festival in 2013 – the 100th Year of Indian Cinema. The Lab is presented by Bohemia Junction Limited &Abbey Road Studios in association with PRS for Music, UK supported by BMI with further support from Whistling Woods.

Last year’s Lab focused on six young up and coming Indian composers and were mentored by a creative team from both the UK and India led by leading UK based composer Ilan Eshkeri.

This year the Lab is doing things slightly differently with a series of seminars covering all the different sides of film music entitled: Film Music: The Creative and the Business. The seminars are aimed at music composers, engineers, producers and directors as well as delegates and filmmakers from the film festival.

A host of international and Indian experts in their field will lead panels moderated by Lab Director Andrew T. Mackay on 17th October held at Whistling Woods’ The Andheri Base. (Housed in the Hard Rock Café building, Fun Republic Lane, Andheri (w)

On the 18thOctober between 1-2pm in Screen 1 at Cinemax, Infinti Mall, Versova, Andheri (w) a further presentation and discussion will take place with Frenchman Laurent Koppitz from FAMES Project Macedonia.  This will lead on from Friday’s panel and will look at how Hollywood and Bollywood are heading to Skopje to record. How is this happening? What are the repercussions in the US and India and what are the benefits? This will be an enthralling event followed by a Q & A Session.  Several composers who have used the orchestra will also join us on stage.

Schedule for Friday 17th October 2014

10.30-11.30 am Recording with an Orchestra; a one to one with Laurent Koppitz head of FAME’S Project. The new ‘go to’ home for film score orchestral recording in Skopje, Macedonia. Bollywood scores such as Dhoom 3 have been recorded there as well as many award-winning Hollywood & European film scores. This is a great opportunity for music directors and film company heads to see what opportunities there are to add another dimension to their film songs and film scores.

12.00-1.00pm –The Sound Engineer: A conversation with a panel of leading Sound Engineers working in the film industry in Mumbai. The panel will feature Yash Raj engineer Vijay Dayal who is one of the top engineers in the country responsible for some of the biggest hit songs and scores coming out of the film industry in India. A must for sound engineers and anyone with an interest in the recording studio, the process, the importance and the journey of the Sound Engineer.

1.30- 2.30pm – The Composer: Who is he or she and what do they really do? A chat with some of Indian cinemas established and upcoming composers. A panel of five special guests including Marathi composers Kaushal S Inamdar and Mumbai based composer John Stewart.

 3.00 – 4.00pm Where are they now? A round table chat with 2013′s lab participants Anjo John, Alokonanda Dasgupta, Achint Thakkar, Anchal Talesara, Ujjwal Agrawal. Did they really learn anything and where are they now in their careers? Five out of six return to tell us their tales.

4.30 – 5.30pm Copyright, Publishing & Collection! How it works and what it means to composers & songwriters.  Liam Donnelly, Head of International for PRS for Music, UK and leading music industry veteran Atul Churamani discuss the ins and outs of the often confusing subject.

The Mumbai Composers Lab is presented by Bohemia Junction Limited and Abbey Road Studios in association with PRS for Music, UK and is supported by BMI and FAMES Project with further support from Whistling Woods.

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