Saturday, October 4, 2014

Visions du Réel – International Documentary Film Festival 2015 Calls for Entries

Call for film submissions to the next edition of Visions du Réel, Festival international de cinéma Nyon, Switzerland (17th - 25th April, 2015) is now on. As per the new directive, entries must be submitted online using the online entry form. The deadline for submissions for films completed before September 2014 is 13th October 2014 and for films completed after September 2014 is 6th January 2015.

International Competition is composed of three sections – feature film competition (of more than 60 mins), medium-length film competition (between 31 and 60 mins) and short film competition (of up to 30 mins) – the competition seeks to present the best of contemporary documentary film production. Priority is given to international, European and, especially, world premieres.

In the Regard Neuf category, a selection of feature films which focuses on discovering new talents (first and second films). Priority is given to world, international and European premieres.

The Grand Angle section will showcase Special programs discovered by a wide audience, especially films by renowned filmmakers among those presented to the main international festivals.

The Premiers Pas section of the festival will present a selection of short films upto 30 minutes by film school graduates presented as world, international and European premieres.

For further questions or queries, please contact the Programing Office at and/or contact Barbara Lorey de Lacharrière (Correspondent for India and Bangladesh). You can reach her on +33 6 14 34 63 55 or email:

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