Tuesday, October 7, 2014

UniFrance Films to organize The First Remakes Mini-Market at Mumbai Film Festival

The Indian movie industry is the world’s most productive, with around 1,000 feature films produced each year and local films accounting for over 90% of national movie admissions. Also known as a big consumer of screenplays, Indian cinema had for a long time helped itself to stories borrowed from international movies to produce remakes, without paying the necessary film adaptation copyright fees. However, such practices have now been rectified and the market for legal remakes has boomed in recent years.

In association with its efforts to boost the presence of French films on Indian movie screens—a long-term undertaking - UniFrance films has found that French screenplays can be of considerable interest to Indian producers.

In the wake of the remake of “After You” by Pierre Salvadori, which became “NautankiSalaa” in India in 2013, and the recent sale of remake rights for “The Intouchables” and “Beautiful Lies”(which will start shooting in India in October), UniFrance films is organizing for the first time, together with the Indo-French production company La Fabrique Films, a Remakes Mini-Market, which will be held on October 15 and 16.

A selection of recent French films selected for the compatibility of their narratives with the tastes of Indian audiences will also be presented to Indian producers in the presence of the films' French producers and/or exporters. A series of individual meetings will be held following the screenings. The films selected include “Serial (Bad) Weddings”, which will be presented by Alexandre de la Porte (UGC), “In the Courtyard” (Philippe Martin, Les Films Pelléas), “Not My Type” (Patrick Sobelman, Agat Films &Cie), “Superchondriac” (Pathé), “Homeland” (Quad Productions) and “Where Do We Go Now?” (Pathé).

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