Thursday, July 7, 2016

An actor should never have a comfort zone, says Love ke Funday actor Rishank Tiwari

The chiseled actor’s debut film Love ke Funday is all set to release next week. Films & TV World’s chief editor Mohan Das caught Rishank Tiwari ahead of the film’s release, spilling the beans about his foray into acting and Bollywood, his take on the film vis-a-vis his real life, his romantic scenes, upcoming movies and more. Talking about his dream role, Rishank says that it’s very big and also confesses that the pressure on him will always be there to put in his best and he will have to make sure that he delivers. A tete-a-tete with the chivalrous chiseled actor Rishank Tiwari for you as a Eid special.

Films & TV World: What inspired you to be an actor?
Rishank Tiwari: I have a big family and each person loves me a lot. Obviously everyone wanted to see me in different avatars and professions like pilot, doctor, geologist etc. but I could only be one in one life. You can say in a way to fulfill their wishes, the one sitting above, made me choose acting as a profession. Now, being an actor I can be everything, can play many lives in a single life! As an actor, it gives me a super power that I can be anyone.  I can live many lives and in a way fulfill all the wishes of my near and dear ones. This role play of living many lives has always fascinated me. Also, I am an art lover - I had to be an actor, no one else.

FTV: What is Love ke Funday all about?
Rishank: Everyone has his own theory, feeling & philosophy about love. Everyone has his own experience about love which has also changed with time. Love ke funday is all about the different people with different love effects and fundays. It will connect today’s youth and everyone who has fallen or not fallen in love. It has music, romance, comedy and of course some fundays about love which one must know.

FTV: What is your role about? How did you prepare for the role?
Rishank: I am playing the owner of a music company who is married at an early stage but eventually falls for another girl. His heart and mind do not sync, causing him big trouble. To leave his wife is not easy and his new girl friend won’t leave him. He is a lil mature and a sophisticated guy but when it comes to the matters of the heart, it’s obvious that everyone lose their senses. This romantic character’s name is Manan. He is a simple person with complicated relationship status!

It’s not that it was a breezy walk in role. I did have to prepare a bit, but being an actor I was ready to give my best shot. Actually, in real life, I am a person who is full of humour. I do not smoke and these traits are bang opposite to Manan in the film. Dealing with two different girls with different sets of thinking creates its own problems. However, how I act onscreen isn’t real but I am in real life. Haha!

FTV: How does your role stand up on its own as you have stiff competition?Rishank: My role is completely different from my other two co-actors. So luckily there is bound to be no competition to others, but yes it was a challenge to the self all together to portray the right character in the film. Also in the film, I am the only one who is dating two girls - A wife and my girl friend, so it makes my character unique.

FTV: You are a fresher and Shaleen is known. Worried about audience attention?
Rishank: Everyone was a fresher once. Moreover, the audience decision is the final decision whom they choose - whether it is a fresher or a known face, nothing matters if you do well. So I am not worried as I have given my best.

FTV: How nervous or confident are you on the eve of your release?
Rishank: I am a confident being. Just a lil nervous and excited to know the audience reviews whether they like me or not really matters to me. But yes, I also have some real Khoobsurat memories of my Funday moments which I will cherish throughout.

FTV: Wishing to become a youth icon and veritable heartthrob or a good actor?
Rishank: Everything! To become a youth icon and a veritable heartthrob and a good actor as well, who wouldn’t dare to dream and achieve it? I guess that’s what everyone wants and that’s the same from the core of my heart too.

FTV: What is your next professional project?
Rishank: I have done some more Hindi films which will be releasing soon. Also I am expecting the release of another Kannada movie next month. I am also shooting another Kannada and a Hindi movie with different subjects soon.

FTV: Are you ready to try something experimental?
Rishank: The cinema and audience has changed a lot over the period of time. And I am all set to bear the change. I am open to the wackiest idea but more than anything else the script has to appeal to me. I also feel that the toughest and out of the box role will also give me a chance to prove my acting skills and emerge a better actor. But moreso, I don’t want to be typecast in a particular slot.

FTV: What is your dream role?
Rishank: It is really very big! So big that I cud not imagine it till now. The pressure will always be there to do my best and I have to make sure that I deliver - be it doing steamy scenes or breaking the norm and doing something to cherish, but yes, I want to explore all horizons in acting whether it’s a role of a romantic lover, an action Jackson, a comedian or anything – I am up for everything

FTV: Being Eid, what message you would like to give to the audiences
Rishank: Eid to me is to eat-pray-love! This is what I would like to wish for all.

FTV: What message you would like to give to new comers?
Rishank: Ending the conversation, I would only like to mention that an actor should never have a comfort zone, as he or she stops being spontaneous. Acting is not about going to a restaurant, checking the menu and ordering. It’s like being the chef and preparing the tastiest dish for the discerning audiences and looking the smile on their faces as they come in again to savour another recipe another Friday with you.

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