Thursday, July 21, 2016

Katrina Kaif crosses 4 million mark on Facebook in a single day

On the occasion of her birthday, Katrina Kaif had a special surprise lined up for her fans. She made her social media debut on Facebook. 
She uploaded a candid welcome video in the morning and later in the day, did a live Facebook chat with fans. Her fans reciprocated with so much love, Katrina gained a record 4 million followers on day one.

She was one of the most talked about people on Facebook and was also trending at number 1 on Twitter where she does not have a personal account yet. The news of her social media debut made headlines in print, TV and digital media. 

Katrina has already created Google search records by featuring on the top-ten most-searched personalities in India more times than any other personality. With her Facebook debut, she has now extended her winning streak to social media. Meanwhile, her movies continue to be among the most anticipated at the box office.
Here is the link to Katrina Kaif's official Facebook page

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