Saturday, July 23, 2016

Why the Western Railway notice to Anil Kapoor is UNFAIR

Last week, the Western Railway slapped a Notice on the production house of the television series 24, after its star Anil Kapoor was clicked lunging out of a Mumbai local train during its promotions.

The railways reacted after an uproar on social media about the Slumdog Millionaire actor doing "stunts" aboard the train. However, Bollywood PR guru Dale Bhagwagar had defended Anil's actions saying it was "mere leaning out" and not a "stunt".

Now the public relations expert has released a picture of Anil Kapoor from a different angle on his Twitter to prove how images can be deceptive.

"The same pose from this angle makes Anil's so-called stunt look just like a little leaning out," Dale pointed. "I don't work with Anil, but feel for him, as he's wrongly dragged into a controversy created by intolerant regressive Twitterati. Its unfair," he stated.

True that! Sometimes perception can indeed be quite different than reality. And this celebrity publicist has proved it so simply. The second season of the Indian adaptation of the popular American television series is going to be aired from July 23 on Colors channel.

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