Thursday, June 29, 2023

Enjoy the combination of health and taste with Skyrrup – Superfood of the Vikings

Elworld Agro & Organic Foods Pvt Ltd’s, a well-known brand among organic food manufacturers great offering - Skyrrup, the SuperFood of the Vikings is meticulously crafted with unwavering care and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Skyrrup presents an extraordinary assortment of products that not only fuel your body but also awaken your senses. Embracing the very essence of well-being, this brand seamlessly combines the power of protein with irresistible flavors, providing a delectable and convenient means to prioritize your health.

Skyrrup’s flagship offering. Skyr is a delightful Icelandic yogurt that comes in various flavors, including Plain, Alphonso Mango, Honey & Dates, and Mixed Berries. These indulgent treats provide a premium feel and a visually appealing experience that sets Skyrrup apart from the competition.

Original Icelandic Skyr: Every bite of the original skyr is authentically crafted with the purity of Iceland and proudly made in India. A great source of protein and calcium. It has a creamy texture, low carbs and is suitable for the whole family.

 Alphonso Mango: A yummy fusion of skyr and alphonso mango pulp will delight your palate and boost your protein. Calcium-rich and creamy, yet low in fat. Proudly made in India and healthy for the whole family.

Honey & Dates: The perfect balance of skyr, honey & dates to create an unforgettable taste. A great source of protein and calcium. Proudly made in India and healthy for everyone in the family.

Mixed Berries: The perfect balance of skyr and mixed berries creates an unforgettable taste sensation. A great source of protein and calcium. Proudly made in India and healthy for everyone in the family.

The story began when Mr S N Dwivedi, Founder Chairman & MD of Elcomponics Group, went to Iceland on a family vacation. As he toured a local market in Reykjavik, he encountered the healthy deliciousness that is skyr. It was love at first bite and his curiosity was piqued. Mr Jon Tryggvason, an Icelandic Filmmaker and Entrepreneur, was instrumental in helping him explore this healthy secret of Vikings.

Elworld Agro & Organic Foods is a well-known brand among organic food manufacturers and its Organic farming products are spread all across India, Europe and USA. With over 2000 farmers and families working with them, Elworld cultivates about 4000 hectares with multiple cropping systems. Elworld’s organic foods are packaged, produced, and processed without using chemicals. The products offered by Elworld are not only nutritionally rich but also taste and value-rich.

Skyr is priced at INR 95 and all the variants are available in all established retail outlets in Delhi like Modern Bazaar, AAS Foods, Nature’s Soul, Freshlee, The Taste, etc, and on the brand’s e-commerce website The brand plans to expand its presence in other cities soon.


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