Saturday, June 10, 2023

History TV18 reveals the Fast and Furious journeys behind the Biggest Global Brands

The promise of delivering a slice of gratification in 30 minutes or less is no longer limited to fast food chains. With the launch of its latest show The Fast History Of, History TV18 is all set to dispense the most surprising and innovative stories of iconic brands and the people that transformed industries, straight to your doorstep. This ten-part series premieres on 12th June 2023, Monday-Friday at 6:00 PM on History TV18.

The Fast History Of is a super-charged romp through the histories of mega brands like Nike and Nintendo. Did you know that the former’s most recognisable phrase "Just Do It" was inspired by a serial killer's last words? Or that the creators of some of the world’s most beloved video games like Donkey Kong and Super Mario once tried making soup, vacuum cleaners, and running a chain of pay-by-the-hour love hotels, before they single-handedly resurrected the entire industry after the great video game crash of 1983? Hold on to your Hot Wheels; there is more in store for gamers as the series offers bite-sized histories of the biggest toy empires – Hasbro and Mattel, who are responsible for the most popular board games like Monopoly, Risk and Boggle, and treasured toys like Barbie and He-Man that continue to captivate adults and children alike.

Another episode takes viewers on a rollercoaster ride that traces the rise of the global phenomenon of amusement parks with all its twists and turns. From the very beginning through today, discover how the Chicago World's Fair of 1893 led to the birth of Coney Island, while a visit to a traditional merry-go-round inspired Walt Disney to make Disneyland – the happiest place on Earth. Learn how the future of amusement parks is looking up as the lines between magic and realism continue to blur. Visitors can now immerse themselves in hyper-real, experiential worlds like "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter", becoming characters in a larger story like never before!

Staying true to its name, get ready for a ride that’s fast and furious. Hold on tight as the show explores the tale of how Harley-Davidson became a symbol individuality and freedom, full of outlaws, high risks, and even higher rewards. Buckle in for take-off and discover how Boeing brought the world into the “Jet Age” and dominated the aviation industry.

After exploring the skies, take a trip to a supercentre with Walmart, which grew from a humble discount store in rural Arkansas to the largest company in the world. Go behind the scenes with History TV18 and uncover some fun facts that will surely make your eyes pop and jaws drop. With over 11,000 locations, they employ more people than the US Armed Forces, and average a profit of $1.8 million dollars...every hour! From super stores to the super rich, dive into the secret lives of the world's wealthiest, and all the most shocking ways they spend their fortunes, from how much gold King Tut was buried with, to how Elon Musk, Richard Brandon, and Jeff Bezos ended up in a space race in an attempt to push boundaries even further.

“The Fast History Of” - Premieres 12th June 2023, Monday-Friday at 6PM, only on History TV18

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