Thursday, June 29, 2023

Lust Stories 2 : Tillotama Shome, Kajol and Neena Gupta deliver solid performances

Like its first season, the anthology in the second season of Lust Stories 2 consists of four stories. The first story, “Made For Each Other,” feature two lovebirds, played by Mrunal Thakur and Angan Bedi who decide to marry while getting their parents’ approval as well. As the talks progress, Neena Gupta who plays Mrunal’s grandmother tells the couple to check their compatibility in sex before marriage as that’s the most important aspect to keep the couple together. Both the set of parents are aghast, but she is firm on her decision and keeps pushing her granddaughter to go ahead and indulge in sex.

The second story, “The Mirror,” is about a working woman played by Tillotama Shome who watches her maid (Amruta Subhash) having sex in her house. The maid keeps continuing the same for a long time. Tillotama Shome, who doesn’t have a sex life, starts enjoying her maid’s make out sessions before they eventually fall out with a bitter show-off. After a while, both keep aside their ego’s and life goes on for them.

The third story, “Sex with the Ex,” is about a CEO, played by Vijay Varma, who has a wife and two kids. One day, his car breakdowns and strolling into a neighbourhood he unexpectedly meets his ex-wife (Tamannaah Bhatia) who had disappeared a decade ago. Moving on in life, he marries another girl but his lustful eyes keep roving everywhere. As the story progresses, it becomes clear that the sudden disappearance of Tamannaah was initiated by Vijay Verma who hires goons to kill her so that he could marry the other girl and rise in life.

The fourth story Tilchatta is about a prostitute played by Kajol. She marries a person (Kumud Mishra) belonging to the royal family, but her lustful husband mistreats her. To get rid of her husband, she brings in another girl from the red-light area who is suffering from Aids. As the saying goes, “The trap you lay for another man will itself be your destiny; dig a pit for another and it will be your grave.” Eventually, the son for whom she wanted to get rid of her husband and give a good life eventually succumbs to the lust of the girl.

R Balki’s ‘Made For Each Other’ is hilarious but the bland narration with repetitive scenes causes boredom. Kajol’s Tilchatta story actually makes you feel what Kajol must have gone through when she finds that its her son and not the husband who has to pay for her foolhardiness. In fact, after a long time, someone has tried to work on a story with Aids as the base, though in a negative manner. The most complex story yet the best among the lot is Konkona Sen Sharma’s ‘The Mirror’. Not only it shows the divide between the working women of both classes - one in a posh office and the other as a housemaid, it also depicts how space crunch in Mumbai’s chawls can make a person take some really weird decisions to satiate their thirst for sex. Though both Tamannah and Vijay Verma shared amazing chemistry in ‘Sex with the Ex’, but beyond that it was highly disappointing.

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