Monday, June 19, 2023

Social Currency to start streaming form June 22

Netflix India has announced a new reality series named Social Currency. A statement from the media giant said, “Produced by SOL Production Pvt. Ltd on a concept by Sanvari Alagh Nair, this first-of-its-kind influencer survival challenge will see 8 social media influencers start afresh to prove their ‘influence’ - online, offline, and interpersonally as well. This is your front-row pass to witness these digital dynamos prove their worth, surpass all expectations, and snatch the spotlight from each other.”

Directed by Sagar More, Social Currency is a new reality TV show which involves Indian social media influencers. Basically, it's an effort from Netflix to garner the interest of their following and get more subscriptions. A total of eight Indian social media influences have been included in the show. These influences will be tested over a 21-day period without getting access to personal smartphones, verified handles, and online followings. It will basically be a test for these influencers in their real life.

Yes, over 21 days in Goa eight influences are ready to prepare to witness a battle for survival like no other. The eight influencers - Parth Samthaan, Bhavin Bhanushali, Ruhi Singh, Vagmita Singh, Rowhi Rai, Mridul Madhok, Sakshi Chopra and Aakash Mehta are supposed to navigate through a series of challenges in 'Social Currency' with a mission to earn their rank and the much-needed cash to survive. In 'Social Currency' you will see these influencers battle it out to claim their rightful spot of being the 'Top Influencer' along with a whopping Rs. 50 Lakh cash prize. 

This is a first-of-its-kind influencer survival challenge that will see 8 social media influencers start afresh to prove their ‘influence’ - online, offline, and interpersonally as well. Moreover, how they appear online is mostly not how they are. So this would also be a treat for the fans of these influencers to discover what their social media stars are really like.

To start streaming from June 22 on Netflix, in Social Currency, the “influence” of eight popular social media influencers is put to test in the real world, without their super power - their online identities and highly-followed accounts. In a battle for survival and influence, who will be the most 'liked' on and off the phone screens?

Before the show starts streaming, you can have the first look here. Stay tuned for more such updates.

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