Saturday, June 24, 2023

Manoj Desai furious over Adipurush: Says “We have reduced the ticket prices but still, people are not coming...”

Right from suffering a box-office crash landing following a backlash from audiences and critics, Om Raut’s much hyped lavish film Adipurush's troubles are not dying down. The film is getting negative response from all over. Not only have the opposition leaders criticised the film, even neighbouring Nepal has banned all Bollywood films till an “objectionable” line was deleted from it. The final punch came in the form of a backlash from audiences from the film's terrible and shoddy dialogues as well as Ravana's wrong illustration that drowned Adipurush completely.

When writer Manoj Muntashir was brutally trolled and abused on twitter, in defence of his creative choices he clarified that he wrote the film in the storytelling tradition he had grown up hearing around his village in Uttar Pradesh. But when that too didn’t work, the producers resorted to changing the dialogues of the film. But by then the damage had been done. 

Meanwhile, Manoj Desai, executive director of Gaiety Galaxy and Maratha Mandir Cinema, has given a big statement on the film 'Adipurush'. He says, “We thought the film will be a super hit... Ramayana is not written like this. The way the film has showcased lord Hanuman & Ravana is unacceptable. How can Kriti Sanon be Sita... Everywhere the film shows are getting cancelled. The makers of the film should be jailed. By today or tomorrow, the film will be removed from the cinema halls. We have suffered many losses. All theatres have incurred losses. They have changed dialogues but it's too late... The people are very angry. We have decreased the price of the tickets but still, people are not coming...”

Audiences were looking forwarded to see Ramayana in the same standards set by blockbusters films like Baahubali, RRR and Ponniyin Selvan. However, neither Adipurish has none of it. Neither it has a compelling storyline, nor its dialogues are well-written and least to be said about its visual effects. Yes, Adipurush failed in all the departments. While the film did good business in the first three days, but as soon as the working days started, the film's collections fell drastically. Whether it will rise again and shine, only this weekend box office charts will decide or seal its fate.

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