Thursday, June 1, 2023

Hungama with Bhamla Foundation joins hands to create ‘Tik Tik Plastic 2.0’ anthem

Hungama Digital Media Entertainment Pvt Ltd, In honour of World Environment Day 2023, The Bhamla Foundation, Hungama Digital Media and Godrej Industries have come together to curate a global musical anthem with a strong message against plastic pollution. Titled "Tik Tik Plastic 2.0," this anthem serves as a rallying call to combat plastic pollution and find sustainable solutions. It is composed by the talented Shaan, with lyrics penned by Swanand Kirkere and brought to life through captivating choreography by Shaimak Davar.

This impactful initiative has garnered significant support from Godrej Industries and is a collaboration with esteemed organizations, including the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (Government of India), G20 India Presidency, the United Nations Environment Programme, and the Ministry of Forest and Ministry of Environment (Maharashtra). This collective effort signifies the importance and urgency of addressing plastic pollution on a global scale. The initiative is also supported by brands like Godrej Magic and Godrej L'Affaire.

The anthem features a line-up of industry powerhouses and influential artists who have dedicated their talents to this cause. The renowned Vidya Balan, legendary Gulzar Sahab, Alia Bhatt, Ayushmann Khurrana, Shaimak Davar, Jannat Zubair, Guneet Monga, Shaan, Ricky Kej, Armaan Malik, Neeti Mohan, Raveena Tandon, Stebin Ben, Sonu Nigam, and Faisu, all unite in this anthem.

Together, Hungama Digital Media, The Bhamla Foundation, Godrej Industries, and other collaborators aim to ignite a global movement and raise awareness about the pressing issue of plastic pollution. By leveraging the power of music and the influence of renowned actors, and changemakers, they aspire to inspire individuals and communities worldwide to act in protecting our environment for future generations.

Neeraj Roy, Founder & MD, of Hungama Digital Media said, “We believe it is time to take decisive action through awareness and collaboration to bring about a transformative change when it comes to plastic usage. We at Hungama, are glad to continue our long-standing association with The Bhamla Foundation and support the United Nations’ initiative to beat plastic pollution. Along with The Bhamla Foundation, we will march forward in our quest to spread the word and distribute this anthem with a compelling message across our digital distribution network.”

Speaking about the initiative, Asif Bhamla, President of, Bhamla Foundation, said, “It has been 14 years since we have been proudly celebrating World Environment Day. Through 'Tik Tik Plastic 2.0,' our mission is to educate the masses about the rampant plastic pollution plaguing our planet. This new anthem serves as a powerful tool to protect our beloved Mother Nature from the perils of hazardous plastic waste. We would like to thank Hungama and our Bollywood fraternity for supporting us with this initiative.”

Composer and Singer Shaan said, “World Environment Day is a reminder that each of us holds the power to shape the future of our planet. It is our collective responsibility to take action and make a sustainable difference. I am glad that through the power of music we can support a cause of such great calibre. I am excited to bring forth to the audience a song like 'Tik Tik Plastic 2.0,' that purely aims at raising awareness on the need to protect our environment.”

Lyricist Swanand Kirkire said, “Plastic pollution poses a grave threat to our planet, and through the anthem Tik Tik Plastic 2.0, we aim to amplify the message far and wide. It's imperative to take action now to secure a healthy and thriving ecosystem for future generations. Let the rhythm of this initiative inspire us to come together and create a lasting impact, forging a path towards a plastic-free world.”

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