Thursday, June 29, 2023

Moj teams up with Nanhi Pari Foundation to celebrate its 3rd Birthday

Moj, India's leading short video platform, is thrilled to announce its 3rd birthday celebration, marking a remarkable journey of delivering relatable and joyful content to its consumers in various genres. Over the last 3 years, consumers have been delighted by the immersive experience and endless happiness that Moj has brought to their lives. 

In collaboration with the Nanhi Pari Foundation, a dedicated NGO working towards improving children's lives, Moj will host an exciting celebration on July 1st. This event promises an array of captivating activities, from hilarious stand-up gigs and live music performances to thrilling battles, ensuring a joyous experience for everyone and leaving a positive impact in its wake.

The highlight of this celebration is the introduction of a virtual cupcake within the Moj platform. While numerous virtual gifts exist, users will now have the opportunity to send a brand-new virtual gift, a cupcake. On July 1st, for every 10 virtual cupcakes received, Moj will gift a real cupcake to a child supported by the Nanhi Pari Foundation, with an aim to spread joy. This initiative exemplifies Moj's commitment to amplifying its reach and impact, as well as its dedication to nurturing the community.

To further enhance this initiative, Moj has enlisted the support of five influential creators who have been an integral part of the Moj Family since its inception. Apoorva Arora Prasad, Himanshu Shrivastav, Sushil Brahmbhatt, and Shweta Pavan will actively promote the celebration across Moj and various social media platforms. Their encouragement will inspire their fans to join in the festivities and contribute virtual cupcakes, ultimately bringing smiles to the faces of those in need.

Moj creator, Himanshu Shrivastav, said, “As Moj celebrates its 3rd birthday, I reflect on the platform's immense impact on Indian creators. Moj has been instrumental in supporting creators' growth, understanding their needs, and launching features that simplify content creation. Through programs, on-ground activities, and a strong sense of community, Moj has nurtured and groomed countless creators. Today, as Moj turns 3, we are honored to be part of this journey and confident that the platform will continue to thrive. The Moj creator community is thrilled to celebrate by bringing smiles to the faces of the future generation, as we believe even small gestures can make a big difference.”

Expressing her excitement, Mousumi Mishra, Head of Consumer Marketing at ShareChat and Moj, shared, "As we commemorate our 3rd birthday, our primary goal is to spread joy and create a meaningful impact. Through our collaboration with the Nanhi Pari Foundation and the invaluable support of our remarkable creators, we aim to foster a sense of community, compassion, while spreading happiness."

Azhar Khan, Founder of Nanhi Pari Foundation added, "The Nanhi Pari Foundation echoes the call, urging all to partake in the festivities and spread happiness among the less fortunate. Through the purchase of virtual cupcakes on the Moj app, individuals can actively contribute to this virtuous endeavor. With each sale of 10 virtual cupcakes, Moj graciously pledges to gift a tangible cupcake to the Nanhi Pari Foundation, ensuring that joy cascades to the cherished children they champion, illuminating their days and painting smiles on their countenances."

In an effort to engage the community further, Moj will launch a unique lens featuring the cupcake, inspiring users to share their celebratory moments using the hashtag #MojTurns3. Together, let us join hands, spread joy, and make Moj's 3rd birthday a memorable milestone in our shared journey of compassion and positivity.

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