Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Philips Avent partners with Amit Tandon to celebrate the role of fathers

Philips Avent celebrated Father's Day with a memorable event featuring a special stand-up performance by renowned standup comic Amit Tandon who commemorated the role of fathers in the journey of parenthood. Held on Father’s Day, the event brought together a diverse audience including influential mommy bloggers to underscore the importance of fathers' active participation and the significance of embracing individual parenting styles. By collaborating with the standup comic and a father himself, Philips Avent aimed to deliver a lighthearted yet impactful message, encouraging new parents to navigate their parenting journey by trusting their instincts.

Amit Tandon took the stage and shared his personal experiences and struggles as a father, captivating the audience with his wit and humor. Through his relatable stories, he highlighted the challenges and joys of fatherhood, resonating with both fathers and mothers in the audience. The standup comic also emphasized the role of Philips Avent and products like Electric Breast Pumps and sterilizer bags in empowering fathers to actively participate in caring for their babies, instilling them with confidence and enabling them to proudly say, "Baby...Main Hoon Na!" to their wives and children.

The event was attended by over 100+ people, including prominent mommy bloggers known for their influence in the parenting community. Their presence added significance to the occasion, as they actively engage with a large audience and play a crucial role in shaping parenting narratives.

Commenting on the campaign, Deepali Agarwal, Head, Personal Health, Philips Indian Subcontinent said, “At Philips Avent, we have always believed that our mission, as a brand is to make baby care more inclusive where it’s not just mothers who do the heavy lifting, but new fathers also have an equally important role to play in the caregiving journey. Through this campaign, Philips Avent continues to spread the message to all new parents to trust their instincts and not give in to the societal pressures of parenting because only they know what is best for their baby."

Speaking on this collaboration Amit Tandon said, "I have always believed that young fathers and mothers get a lot of advice from people around them which adds a lot of pressure. Through this standup, I hope new parents take home the message that there is no right or wrong way of parenting. I am happy that Philips Avent believes in the same motto to #ParentYourWay."

The event marked a significant step towards creating a supportive and inclusive parenting community, where the message #ParentYourWay was kept at the forefront. The Father’s Day special stand-up is live on Amit Tandon’s official YouTube channel.

Click below to watch the new Philips Father’s Day campaign film. Stay tuned for more updates.

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