Friday, November 7, 2014

Ashton Kutcher posts about ‘Chalk’ a short film distributed by Pocket Films

Well known Hollywood actor, producer Ashton Kutcher shared a post on a short film ' Chalk 'distributed by Pocket Films. He posted on facebook, ‘This leaves us still’ as well also Tweeted about it: He Took Some Chalk, But When We Saw What He Drew It Destroyed Us via ‘@aplusapp…

A heart touching short film 'Chalk' by Director M.Navin Kumar shows an underprivileged child who is in search of mother's love.  A moving film about a child’s beautiful expression of his emotions and need for mother’s love.

Mr. Saameer Mody, Managing Director, Pocket films said, “We are very happy that Ashton Kutcher has tweeted about Chalk. It is a beautiful movie and I am glad that the short film is being seen and talked about across the globe. We are focused on promoting Indian short films globally and this tweet by Ashton Kutcher has encouraged us further to continue doing our best for visibility of such content.”

According to Navin Kumar, Director, “We wanted the film to reach people and touch the deepest part of heart and stay there forever, so that their brains react to it and they come ahead with the term “adoption” and abolish the term “orphan.” We released the movie on 14th November 2013 and after that our journey has been a roller costar ride.Close to 6 million views in YouTube and more than 25000 websites have shared the video. Two days ago Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher shared the video on Facebook and Twitter. This gave us 2 million more views in just 48 hours. Thanks Ashton Kutcher and also Pocket Films who lent a helping hand in this. Ashton saw the video on post by Pocket Films, so my sincere thanks to them.”

For those who haven't seen this wonderful film, you can see it here..

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