Sunday, November 30, 2014

Shaina NC donates mosquito repellent blankets to needy children

Spokesperson and treasurer BJP (Maharashtra) and social activist Shaina N C played Lady Santa to the children from Akshar Gyaan a month early. The charming politician distributed mosquito repellent blankets among underprivileged children at the Ashok High School in Girgaum today evening.

The city reports almost 700 cases of Dengue with almost 20 lives lost due to the dreaded illness. The malaria count is almost ten times more, say municipal authorities. To add their might to the efforts by the BMC to prevent these epidemics, Nidra Home – makers of Mos-Quit-O, the mosquito repellent blanket – gifted their mosquito repellent blankets to needy and underprivileged children through the Giants Group Chowpatty.

At the event Shaina N C gently quizzed the children about mosquito borne illnesses and talked about how sanitation and hygiene can prevent serious illnesses. She said, “There has been a steep rise in the numbers of dengue and malaria. I have observed that young children, often without access to clean amenities and hygienic surroundings, are most vulnerable. This is a small step on our behalf to safeguard the city’s children. However, a much larger committed effort is needed to combat health issues in our city. At this point, creating awareness about mosquito prevention is most crucial.”

Shaina went on to distribute the blankets to an enthusiastic bunch of kids while chatting to them about their good habits.

The directors of Nidra Home, makers of Mos-Quit-O, Shreya and Kasturi Poddar were elated to interact with the children and went on to take a group selfie with them. After the event, Shreya said, “Nobody is safe from Dengue and malaria. Research suggests that even two inches of water, in a puddle or in a potted plant, is enough for a Dengue mosquito to lay eggs. This means preventing dengue is impossible without a foolproof method of repelling mosquitoes inside every home.”

Mos-Quit-O is an innovative mosquito repellent blanket which is free of odour and side effects. According to the most stringent World Health Organisation standards, Mos-Quit-O blanket has been deemed 100 percent effective as a repellent even after 50 washes, and perfectly safe for infants and toddlers.  So if you wash it once a month, Mos-Quit-O proves effective for more than four years.

This initiative is aimed at giving away mosquito repellent blankets through Akshar Gyaan, an NGO committed to education and improving the lives of children from underprivileged backgrounds.
Join us in fighting mosquitoes. Down with Dengue.

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