Thursday, November 13, 2014

TV Actress Kunickaa Sadanand returns to television with Akbar Birbal

Big Magic, the flagship entertainment channel from Reliance Broadcast Network has incorporated a series of entertainment and fun for its audience. The show boosting about the best line up of actors will be adding another feather to its cap, as veteran actress and activists, Kunckaa Sadanand enters, India’s first historical comedy Akbar Birbal as ‘Maharani Durgavati’ on 13th November , at 9 pm.

Known for her versatility and talent, Kunicka will be seen entering the Royal Kingdom as Raani Sahiba’s mother. Known for her large forte of negative roles, Kunickaa will be playing a woman with a shrewd and authoritative nature seasoned with humor.

Talking about her new character, actress Kunika Sadanand said, “Comedy as a genre has been untouched by me so I am looking forward to this new role on Big Magic with a lot of eagerness. It’s the first time I am dressed up as a Maharani and I actually feel like a Queen. Because of the demand of my character, it takes me close to an hour to get ready, which is new and exciting.  I am enjoying flaunting my new look with all the vintage jewelry and costume that I adorn in the show. I have also got the chance to work with Delnaaz after very long. We have worked in the past and I wanted to work with her again.”

Featuring some of the best in comedy and television entertainment, Har Mushkil Ka Hal - Akbar Birbal is a fresh, comic take on the much-loved childhood folktales. The first in the genre of Historical Comedy, Akbar Birbal has captured the audience’s imagination with its delightful storyline and stellar cast featuring Kiku Sharda, Delnaz Irani, Vishal Kotian and Kishwar Merchant.  Aired on Big Magic at 9pm, the show has received a lot of adulation from fans and critics alike. Over social media, there has been an outpouring of praise for the well-crafted script, the actors’ quick comic timing and their unique chemistry.

Don’t miss the full new elements as the Shahi Maharani adds to the comedy and drama every weeknight on Akbar Birbal on Thursday, 9pm only on India’s one stop destination for Humour - Big Magic.

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