Monday, January 12, 2015

Anupam Kher releases “Acting to Awakening” DVD featuring an interactive session between him and Sadhguru

Sony DADC & Isha Foundation organized a unique interactive event for the launch of their latest DVD "Acting to Awakening" in Mumbai recently. A contemporary yet a soul searching journey narrated by Sadhguru on the current scenario effecting Spirituality, Democracy, Economy, International,  Affairs, Environment, etc., "Acting to Awakening" was launched by Anupam Kher in the presence of Sadhguru & Mr. Saji Pillai -  Director Business Development - Sony DADC.

Based on a simple and a viewer friendly format it features Actor, Anupam Kher discussing various aspects of life and our surroundings with Sadhguru, Founder of Isha Foundation in an interactive format, one of the key highlights of his narration is that all human beings want to live joyfully and blissfully. He emphasizes that all human beings have the same capability when they turn inward; it’s only when they turn outward that their capabilities differ

Covering subjects like India’s booming economy & why “sense of wonder” is not found in children nowadays, it guides on how to nurture optimal quality of attention in our children’s today. He gives interesting examples on how if two individuals with an effective quality of integrity can bring tremendous developments in Bihar and Gujarat, then how the other states can also develop and in turn the whole nation can prosper. The DVD covers an array of thought provoking subjects like the importance of the sacred Mangalsutra and what reformations a person undergoes when they get married.

Actor Anupam Kher excitedly said: “Sadhguru has a great sense of humor, which makes his teaching very easy. He does not have this burden of being somebody who has to teach with seriousness. He makes aspects of life so simple, with an amazing sense of ease, and that is why all the people here are smiling! This conversation enlightened me. Life always has a way of surprising you. You think you know everything - and then you have a conversation with Sadhguru! In discovery, you see that you don’t know many things and you start from scratch.”

Mr. Saji Pillai, Director Business Development - Sony DADC quoted: “Sadhguru speaks in various international forums including the World Economic Forum and works with the world’s preeminent leaders to foster peace and global understanding. His vision & understanding of modern social & economic issues have earned him a reputation of speaker of international renowned. We are indeed privileged to present and market this DVD in India. It gives us a sense of Purpose that by doing so we somehow in our own small way become a medium of parting his knowledge to the society.”

“This is not a teaching we are going to pour into you from somewhere. This is about just awakening a deeper dimension of who you are,” concluded Sadhguru.

Priced at Rs 125 /- and in a simple English language the DVD is marketed by Sony DADC and is available for sale in all leading stores and can also be ordered online through and The event was a part of the “In Conversation with the Mystic” Series - which is a succession of interactive sessions that Sadhguru holds with eminent personalities from different walks of life.

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