Saturday, January 24, 2015

Get Exam Ready and Get More Marks as Topper TV Launches Paper Peek – An Exam Special Series

Television is no longer the proverbial idiot box. Switch on the TV to get exam ready in the most enjoyable and engaging manner. Topper TV, India’s only 24x7 education channel, presents Paper Peek, an exclusive TV series for the school exam season. The TV Series will also be available on as a part of an examination special pack.

Premiered on 17th of January 2015, Paper Peek, an exam special series, covers Science and Mathematics for the 1st and 2nd terms for Class 9 and 10 and is designed according to the CBSE syllabus. The series will be spread over 36 episodes. These 30-minute episodes are specially designed and developed by our academic experts and teachers after poring through hundreds of past papers and keeping the trials and travails of students in mind. The episodes aim to provide comprehensive assistance to students to get them ‘Exam Ready’! Each chapter is explained with the help of graphics and animations which lucidly explain key concepts to students so that they can breeze through their exams and helps them with last minute revisions! The show breaks down each unit and chapter into well-thought-out segments covering the most important Multiple Choice Questions, Short Answer Questions and Subjective Questions – a must for students as part of their exam preparation.

Regarding the premiere of the series, Garima Chaudhry, CEO – GreyCells18, said, “It is our endeavour at Topper to weave together the best learning resources in offerings that engage today’s digitally savvy young minds and makes studying fun for them. Last minute revisions are never easy, and we hope that this series will be useful for students across the country in preparing for their crucial Class 9 and 10 examinations.”

Our hosts RJ Salil, RJ Archana and Yukti were as excited as the team at Topper on being a part of this innovative television concept. Sharing his thoughts on the changing education landscape, RJ Salil said, “Unlike our times, today’s children have a huge pool of resources for learning. While we only had textbooks and teachers to our rescue, children now have various media for guidance like television and the Internet. Education through various media is expanding, and I would say it’s all for the good.” Salil graduated in Economics from Sri Venkateshwara College, Delhi University.

Archana added, “The world is converging on the Internet and the visual medium! As long as children get an easier method to learn and score smarter, study time is invested effectively! Also at Topper TV, we make it visually stimulating and lucid. Many kids learn in a faster, smarter and more effective way.”

“How I wish we had such entertaining modes of education when we were growing up! Education on web and TV is not only loads of fun but also does justice to the technology created with the same intention,” reasoned Yukti. Yukti Kapoor Mehandiratta has a Bachelors degree in Mathematics and a Masters degree in Business Administration.

So students, it’s time to GET EXAM READY! Subscribe right away to Topper TV or log on to for your one-stop destination to GET MORE MARKS. Best of luck!

Operated by Greycells18, Topper TV is India’s only 24x7 educational channel and is a part of the media powerhouse Network 18 that provides new-age learning resources such as videos, animation and graphics, sample papers, revision notes and exhaustive question banks to make learning enjoyable and simple for the K-12 segment. Along with Paper Peek, Topper TV boasts of several other shows covering Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology for Class 6 to 12 – shows on the Earth’s flora and fauna, on the way things work and more.

Watch out for this exciting series and stay tuned for more!

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