Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Yatin Parmar: Aa Te Kevi Dunniya has the essence of Bhagavad Geeta

Produced by Vijay Khatri under the banner of Bhagat Entertainment, Gujarati film Aa Te Kevi Dunniy continues to create the right buzz as it is all set to release on 9th January, 2015. Yatin Parmar, who will be seen in the upcoming Gujarati film Aa Te Kevi Dunniya, is all set to tickle our funny bones with his comical role.

We caught up with the actor, who told us that he wanted to take up something unique and Aa Te Kevi Dunniya offered him exactly that. He said, "I didn't want to do Gujarati films with the rural setting. I wanted to do something unique, a film with a good and strong character, a film which is really meaningful. This film will change the trend of Gujarati films that were being made till now. In Aa Te Kevi Dunniya, the script is the hero."

He further spoke about the film and his character, "It's a third world story where it talks about Karamlok, where good deeds is your currency. Where to buy anything, money is not of any use. Only good deeds will work, your karma will be counted. My character Sameer is happy-go-lucky, mischievous, and absolutely fun-loving. He talks without saying. He doesn't think or care before saying anything. My character is a comic relief in the film."

As the basic plot of the film is on karma, we quizzed him if he believes in the karma and he said, "Yes, I do believe in Karma because I come from family background which is very religious. My mother is a firm believer of Karma. And even with this film everyone would believe it. In fact, people from all walks of life, from all the religions will connect and relate to it because everyone has been raised with Karma theory. Though it's a Gujarati language film, Aa Te Kevi Dunniya has universal appeal. It’s a very simple film which even a non-Gujarati will be able to grasp and enjoy, because the concept is so interesting and relatable."

Ask Yatin if the film has touched upon religious matters or enlightens the patrons and he says, "It won't hurt any religious sentiments. There is no controversy here. It’s clean and plain film with simple message. Having said that it is nowhere preachy, everyone will believe it when they will watch the film. Even OMG: Oh My God when it came, though it challenged the existence of God, it was never preachy. It’s all about the presentation. Aa Te Kevi Dunniya is well presented. People will definitely take back something home with this film. 'Logo ke gale tak baat utar jaayegi'.

He further added, "It is basically the essence of Bhagavad Geeta, which highlights about doing good deeds. But it is not boring and presented in a very unique, entertaining way. It's not a negative film, it's a completely positive film."

Yatin has also done theatre before. "I have been doing theatre from 2008. I enjoy both the mediums. Work is work. I did Aa Te Kevi Dunniya because it has unusual script and concept. I enjoyed a lot doing this film. It’s comedy and message driven," he states.

Ask him what he enjoys more theatre or film and he reveals, "Theatre is loud, while acting in films is natural. But when you do theatre it becomes easy for you to do films. Even my director controlled my acting wherever needed." On being probed if he is open to do films other than Gujarati, he said, "Yes I am open to Hindi and other regional films like Marathi."

Aa Te Kevi Dunniya also stars Raj Jatania, Kinjal Pandya, Sunil Vishrani, Jayesh More, Krishna Rawal, RajKumar Kanojia, Falguni Desai, Padmesh Pandit and Sanat Vyas.

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