Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Films & TV World launches Models 2015 Calendar to commemorate their 5th Anniversary

The online entertainment portal - Films & TV World - officially debuted its Models 2015 Calendar this New Year to commemorate their 5th Anniversary. A desktop calendar in landscape as well as portrait sizes, the first edition features 19 out of 24 stunning male models from across the country and overseas as 5 of the male models were repeated in both the formats. This being the first time, Films & TV World had an all male calendar and is planning to add female models too in the next. Conceptualized by Saumya M, this is the first time that Films & TV World has attempted such a feat.

“When Films & TV World announced that it will be doing a special calendar to mark their Fifth Anniversary, many of the models as well as upcoming actors took the plunge to send in their best photographs from their folio book,” said Aryan who was coordinating this effort. “While the models didn’t actually pose specially for the calendar, but it was fun to have an ensemble of the best pics. We also received folios right from Kashmir to down south to even from neighbouring countries including Bangladesh and Pakistan. We are overwhelmed by such a stunning response,” he added.

The male models include Adil Guroo and Musadiq Rashid from Kashmir, Ankush Salgotra from Jammu (now based in Mumbai), Avijyoti Mukherjee and Joy Bhattacharya from Kolkata, Ayush Khanna, Jalaj Chaudhary, Lavish Sehgal, Mudit Malhotra, Rinku Pahel, Rajat Saluja and Raul Brady from New Delhi, Mohan Das from Mumbai, Paresh Pamnani from Bhopal (now based in Raipur), Parth Doshi from Pune and Pranshu Kulshreshtha from Bangalore. Models from neighbouring countries also were selected that include Maswa Hassan and Hussain Razzaq  from Pakistan and Dinar Habib from Bangladesh. Of the 19 Models, Mudit Malhotra, Rinku Pahel, Parth Doshi, Lavish Sehgal and Pranshu Kulshreshtha were repeated in both the editions.

“Launched without any fanfare as is usually associated in Bollywood, we took this initiative to help provide a platform to these upcoming models and actors through our online portal. We hope this initiative will help these new talents to find a footing in the industry,” summed up Soham Siddharth, editor - Films & TV World.

You can view the calendar by months here:
Horizontal view: http://www.filmsntv.com/p/models-2015-calendar.html

Vertical view: http://www.filmsntv.com/p/calendar-2015-v.html

Should you wish to receive a digitized version of the calendars to adorn your table, send us an email at ftv@filmsntv.com 

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