Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sari Ke Fall Sa' crooner Nakash Aziz sings for Aa Te Kevi Dunniya

Produced by Vijay Khatri under the banner of Bhagat Entertainment, Gujarati film Aa Te Kevi Dunniya, helmed by Tejas Padiaa, continues to create the right buzz as it is all set to release on 9th January, 2015.

The crooner of chartbusters like 'Pungi', 'Second Hand Jawaani', 'Sari Ke Fall Sa', 'Gandi Baat' and 'Dhating Nach' amongst others, Nakash Aziz has now rendered two songs for Gujarati film Aa Te Kevi Dunniya, the music of which is composed by Bollywood's renowned composer Viju Shah.

"Tejas called me after hearing my song 'Sari Ke Fall Sa'. When I got to know that Viju Shah is composing it, I was game for it. Moreover, I was very impressed by the film's subject," says Nakash.

After doing Hindi numbers, ask him what inspired him to take up regional films and Nakash says, "Not for once the idea of doing a regional film crossed my mind. Music is music. It's beyond language. Songs are to entertain, to uplift and give message. For me every song is important. I try to deliver the same with any song that comes my way. Moreover, it was a great opportunity to work with the Aa Te Kevi Dunniya team."

But was he comfortable singing in Gujarati? Nakash says, "From childhood I have done Gujarati shows. I have quite a few Gujarati friends also. So it was helpful and it was really not an issue. You will not for once feel that it is rendered by a non-Gujarati, as we worked hard for it. Viju sir and I did lot of rehearsals. Like earlier, music composers and singers used to sit together and rehearse before recording it. We did exactly the same. We dubbed the song only after rehearsing session with Viju Sir. Today, singers directly go to dubbing studio and record the song. It was a great experience."

Aa Te Kevi Dunniya stars Raj Jatania, Yatin Parmar, Kinjal Pandya, Sunil Vishrani, Jayesh More, Krishna Rawal, RajKumar Kanojia, Falguni Desai, Padmesh Pandit and Sanat Vyas.

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