Monday, January 12, 2015

ATTACK: It’s time to give back!

As we celebrate 65 years of a Republic India, let’s ask the question that will mock the very concept of Independence. Are the Indian women really ‘FREE’ today? The latest stats speak a horrifying truth... a woman is raped every 20 minutes in India. On one hand, the Indian woman has found the freedom to work and pursue her dream, to live life on her own terms, and decide her destiny. On the other hand, she lives in the fear of being molested or raped. So the question – have women really become independent?

We call ourselves a civilised society, but the acts of man are unspeakably animalistic. Despite the outcry by people, the media barrage, various initiatives by women and social organisations, we keep hearing new and worst news – the latest being the Uber Taxi Rape.

In our effort to find a solution, we bring a film that at least tries to combat this menace. It aims to give courage to women to face the evils, and the confidence that she can fight back. “Attack” is a tribute to the victim of the Delhi Gang Rape Nirbhaya, it is also a story triggered by the Uber Taxi Rape. The film though, brings ‘hope’ and not ‘despair’.

Like their earlier attempt “Ashamed: Ab Toh Sharm Karo”, the maker duo Khalil & Sulakshana Herekar have released “Attack” on YouTube through Pocket Films and also on their own channel Arshh Films. Should you wish to view the film, kindly click the link here:

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