Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Big Magic weaves its magic through festivities of Eid and Teej

Big Magic, India’s one stop destination for Humor, is all set to celebrate the auspicious festivals of Eid and Teej on the channel’s hit property, Har Mushkil Ka Hal Akbar Birbal. The special will see the royal family participate in various rituals of both festivals along with some interesting twists and a gripping storyline that aims to further engage the viewers. The special festive dual episodes will air on BIG MAGIC from 29th July 2014.

On the first special festive episode, we see the royal family eagerly waiting to celebrate Eid. As a festive offer, Akbar, who has lately been in a melancholy mood and is contemplating becoming a hermit, proposes that the person, who can impress him, will get to enjoy the delicious Shahi Shewaiyan with him on the occasion of Eid. Everyone starts preparing in order to be the lucky one; while someone tries to make the king laugh, the other plans a play. Unimpressed with the play, Akbar chooses the funny act but that is not the end. As always, the witty Birbal steps in and not only takes the cake but also makes the king aware of his responsibilities.

In the next episode we see the palace caught up in the celebrations of Teej. Raani Sahiba along with the royal family is preparing for the festivities and to make it even more special, her sister Bhavani, a very spiritual and powerful woman joins the celebrations. Bhawani, comes from the Raani’s maika with many presents. In order to make sure that that the Raani’s fast is successful; Bhavani gets possessed by mata and indicates the person who can create hurdles in the process of fasting. What ensues is an exciting episode.

Talking about the special telecast, Uditanshu Mehta, Creative Director said, “We at BIG MAGIC are always striving to create content that is not just relatable for the viewers but also incites a sense of belonging for them. With innovative concepts, interesting cameos and storyline that keep the watchers hooked, we aim to provide the audience with engaging content that ensures their loyalty to the channel. Festivals and occasions are a great opportunity for special integrations into the show and always add to the storyline. With the episodes showing Akbar celebrating Eid and Raani Sahiba celebrating Teej, we hope to cater to the entertainment needs of a large audience base and continue to do so in the future as well.”

An additional bonus for the fans of Har Mushkil Ka Hal Akbar Birbal is the special cameo by renowned actress Sudha Chandran who will be making an appearance onthe Teej special as Raani Sahiba’s sister.

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