Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Unfolding the truth of Bhairavi’s in India

According to India’s constitution, women are legal citizens of the country and have equal rights with men. A woman in Indian society has been victim of humiliation, torture and exploitation. Only about 39 percent of all women in India actually attend primary schools. Rape in India is the fourth most common crime against women in India. 

Indian society is pre dominated by men hence women are a victim of male domination in the respective sphere of life. Hence a woman’s life lies between pleasures at one end and danger at other end. It’s high time we need to change, and the society has to change.

Indian film industry is an impressive medium to reach a varied section of society and hence came into existence 'A V Motion Pictures’. With the glamour and entertainment becoming major focus in film industry, A V Motion Pictures wants to cater to the social issues of India and bring into the notice of the decision makers. Through this initiative, A V Motion Pictures can create a platform to resolve the issues present in the society towards women which are avoided.

A V Motion Pictures presents ‘Bhairavi’, a Hindi feature film based on true incidences and situations of women in India who are physical and mentally harassed under the name of God. The story written by Veerendra Singh ‘Sajal’ revolves around rituals followed by ‘Tantriks’ in India and women required for fulfilling such rituals. The story is majorly inspired from the known incidences in India which continues to exist in small towns even today. 

The shoot is all set to start from the month of September 2014. The team decided to start the Muhurat with a classical romantic song sung by Asha Bhosle on the beautiful words of Dr Kumar Vishwas whereas the music is manned by Music Director Rajiv Mouna. The ingenious words ‘Kaise Bhoolu who ek raat ….’ grabbed each once attention at the Yash Raj Studio. Asha Bhosle as always gave her very touch to the words hypnotizing every time to hear.

On this occasion the captain of the ship director Manjul Kapoor said, “Years together we have seen women are exploited in India. Today even if women in metro cities are moving ahead, the small towns in India continues to suffer. Women are losing their identity devoting their entire life on the name of God and ill-practices towards the same. Our movie is an eye opener for such traditions practiced in India even today. We are thankful to Ashaji and Kumarji to be a part of such bold subject and support us.”

Adding further producer Archana Verma said, “Being a woman I felt that such issue should be raised on a higher platform. I agree rape is one of the disastrous act but imagine a woman who is suffering every day under the name of rituals and unable to raise her voice against it. I believe this movie will be a direction to the society and will change their perspective towards small town women and their conditions.”

The film will soon come to meet the audience creating fire in their heart against women injustice.

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