Friday, July 18, 2014

Yes SEX Sells..!! Sex, Sex and More Sex; that’s what Hate Story 2 is all about.

Hate Story 2, is a story of a young photographer from Mumbai who uses her mind to play games against a high profile Hindu rightist leader. The film starts and right from the word go, you can predict the story. The movie is a revenge thriller with dollops of skin show thrown in. Surveen Chawla is playing the protagonist in a complete new bold, sexy avatar and is willing to cross any boundaries to take revenge for her lover's (Jay) death. The bold film is noted for its frank portrayal of sex and explicit language. Hate Story 2 goes further into the murky world of Mumbai's dirty politics. The plot thickens with even more bold content as it ventures into the grey shades - the politics of sex - that Bollywood rarely touches

Anyway, coming back to Hate Story 2, the film is a revenge thriller like its earlier installment but the screenplay goes haywire on and off. What’s upsetting is the fact that the director has tried to just stuff love making scenes, so as to attract the viewers which is sad. However, there are scenes, which are filmed so brilliantly that you are moved with them. The techniques of assassination have a thrill element especially in the scene where the female protagonist Surveen Chawla out of angst over her lover’s murder, assaults one of the killers physically by tying him on a chair.

Jointly produced by Vikram Bhatt and Bhushan Kumar  and directed by Vishal Pandya, Hate Story 2 stars Jay Bhanushali, Surveen Chawla, Sushant Singh and is a sequel of Paoli Dam and Gulshan Deviah starrer Hate Story. Off the cast, Surveen Chawla is most of the time without clothes, Jay Bhanushali looks very out of place, but Sushant Singh is the show stealer as an arrogant politician. Putting up a brilliant act, he has some heavy dialogues and something else to do apart from making love.

Music by Mithoon, Meet Bros Anjjan, Rashid Khan is good. Also, it is good to hear KK, as the ever reliable singer comes up with yet another spirited rendition with Kabhi Aayine... However, the remake of the old melody ‘Aaj phir tumpe’ brilliantly sung by Arijit Singh and Samira Koppikar is already topping the charts. Go watch if you really wana enjoy some hot scenes in this cool rainy weather.

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