Wednesday, July 30, 2014

COOL IS HOT says Saif Ali Khan, the new brand ambassador for Denver Deoderant

Denver, a leading Brand in the space of Deodorant and Personal Care Products for Men has appointed Saif Ali Khan as its brand ambassador. Considering Saif’s carefully cultivated image of being a super dude because of his ability to ‘be cool during the hottest situations’, the brand creator, Vanesa Care found him to be the perfect personification of Denver’s brand proposition – ‘cool is hot’.

Mr. Saurabh Gupta, Director, Vanesa Care said, “By taking the cowboy route in our earlier advertising, we had already carved a unique, ‘rugged yet suave’ niche for Denver over the years. With Saif, we plan to take DENVER the next level, connecting the target group with their subliminal aspiration to be hot, because they are cool”.

As a real Cool-Hot male icon, Saif is a trend-setter and appeals to the young genre across the board. His style, charisma and attitude are perfectly reflected in new advertising approach; in Saif’s own words, “I am very particular about both the brand as well as the big advertising idea that I associate with. I loved the macho fragrances of Denver and was very excited to be associated with a brand storyline that portrays a protagonist who is ‘cool, gutsy, completely self assured and supremely confident of his magnetic appeal to the opposite sex. The shoot was challenging, yet great fun!”

Vanesa Care, the manufacturer of Denver is a fully integrated manufacturing company with a dynamic mix of R&D, manufacturing, marketing and retailing. The company has cutting-edge, world class infrastructure and produces a wide range of quality Deodorant Perfume Sprays and other Personal Care Products for men.

A judicious mix of proprietary fragrance formulations based on consumer preferences, along with aggressive marketing and cut-through-the clutter communication has made Denver a top draw with the ambitious male youth of the country.

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