Saturday, July 12, 2014

When opposites attract, love strikes: Love by Chance narrates an amusing love story of two contradicting personalities

The law of attraction states ‘opposites attract’. Apart from the scientific world agreeing with this, our silly heart also concurs, falling for someone who is the exact opposite of us, yet the best match. This week, the show narrates a side-splitting tale of how love sparks between two totally different personalities when Shaurya, a quiet guy runs into Sakshi, an extremely impulsive girl by strange turn of fate which changes their lives.

One day Shaurya goes for a family dinner, where he bumps into Sakshi who is stalking her ex boyfriend. Sakshi is jealous on seeing her ex boyfriend on a date with another girl. In a desperate attempt to get his attention, Sakshi goes to the extent of doing something foolish; she plants a kiss on a stranger who turns out to be Shaurya. But, embarrassed about the kiss, she flees instantly.

But as fate would have it, their paths crossed again. Sakshi is shocked to see Shaurya once again and to add to her disbelief, she learns that Shaurya is the person in charge of approving the budget of her business idea. Sakshi is determined and tries every trick to get her budget approved from Shaurya. But these tricks make this shy guy fall for her.

Will Sakshi be successful in getting her budget approved from Shaurya? Will their journey on the road of romance begin? To find out, do not miss Love by Chance on 12th July, 2014 at 7pm, exclusively on bindass

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