Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Busan IFF reveals its Official Poster inspired by artist SHIN Sung Hy, the Master of “Nouage”

To be held from 7-10 October in Busan Korea; the official poster of 18th Busan International Film Festival is revealed. The poster is based on the original work of SHIN Sung Hy, created by the artist’s signature technique called “nouage”. A 3-dimensional space created, by the interweaving of dots, lines and gaps, resonates with the idea of film as a complex media that incorporates diverse genres and art forms. Each intersection of lines resembles numerous encounters between cineastes and the audience within the Festival environment. The 18th Busan International Film Festival poster is considered the “brightest” of all its preceding posters and reflects Busan International Film Festival’s focus on hosting a truly festive event.

Born in 1948 in Ansan, Korea, SHIN Sung Hy is one of the most internationally recognized Korean contemporary artists. SHIN Sung Hy left for Paris in 1980 and was based in Europe for most of his artistic career. He mastered the technique “nouage”, which he began to experiment with in 1996. “Nouage” involves three stages – painting color dots and lines on the canvas, tearing what is painted, and tying the remnants back on to the surface. Through this technique the artist is able to recreate a 3-dimensional space on a 2-dimensional plane, stretching the limits of traditional fine arts. Celebrated as one of notable contemporary artists with a singular artistic vision, SHIN Sung Hy was internationally associated with the Baudoin Lebon Gallery (Paris), Leonard Hutton Galleries (New York), Gallery Proarta (Zurich), and Gallery Hyundai (Seoul).

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