Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Darbhanga International Film Festival Chairman already starts ground work for 2014 festival

With around seven months to go, the head honchos at Darbhanga Film Club (DFC) who are also the organizers of Darbhanga International Film Festival (DIFF) have already started with the ground work for the 2014 festival. With already their new video uploaded on site as well as having announced the submissions for the 2014 festival, the chairman of the festival and the other heads have started working on their strategy not only to promote the film festival, but also to make it known far and wide.

Recently Meraj Siddiqui, the chairman of the festival met Magsaysay award winner Social activist Dr. Sandeep Panday at Lucknow inviting him to the festival as well as giving his voice to Darbhanga International Film Festival. “I was feeling very glad and at the same time elated when I met Dr. Sandeep Pandeyji. When I went to meet him, I was wondering how the meeting would go. However, he was appreciating my social campaign through films and media at Darbhanga, and that’s the best support I could have ever wished for,” Meraj Said. “He was very happy to know about film festival and promised me for his presence at 2nd DIFF 2014,” added Meraj.

Dr. Sandeep Pandey was awarded the Magsaysay Award in the "Emergent Leadership" category for his initiatives to support education for poor children in India by tapping the resources of Indians abroad. While still a graduate student in the US, Pandey with two of his friends founded Asha for Education, which in the decade since has raised over a million dollars for education projects in India. After a brief period as a university instructor, Sandeep Pandey decided to devote his energies entirely to his activist causes.

At the Asha Ashram in Lalpur, near Lucknow, he has created a learning enivironment where students live and study among working communities of artisans and learn trades in addition to their R's. The ashram works to overcome caste barriers that dalits face, publicizes official corruption in the local areas, and develops appropriate technologies for the rural region. Asha's work, begun in the United States, is now buttressed by a growing Indian network as well.

Darbhanga International Film Festival (DIFF) is the first ever International Film Festival at Mithilanchal in Darbhanga district which is the cultural capital of Bihar & core heart of Mithilanchal. Providing a forum and a place for promotion of DIFF at our home event in Bhopal, the organizers of DIFF and Darbhanga Film Club (DFC) have grand plans for their 2014 event and make it a huge success.

Needless to add, DIFF will be also touring country-wide with the festival inviting film makers to send their entries as well as make their presence at the festival. Here’s wishing the organisers tons of luck!

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