Friday, August 1, 2014

If Love has to come to you, it certainly will! An amusing tale of two strangers on Love by Chance

Love comes from the most unexpected places, at the most unexpected times and with the most unexpected people, leaving unexpected outcomes that make life worth living.The upcoming episode narratesacomical story of two individuals who fake their relationship for the world, but later end up losing their hearts to each other. 

Adarsh, a hardworking young boy is struggling to find a home in the City of Dreams – Mumbai.His bachelorhood turns out to be the prime source for his house hunting problem.Adarsh lands at Mr. and Mrs. Lokhande’s house with a hope to get an apartment for rent, but is shown the door by the Mrs Lokhande when she finds out that Adarsh is a bachelor.  Adarsh tries his luck by trying to convince the lady; soon he is joined by Suchi who claims to be Adarsh’s wife. Adarsh is left shell shocked, but soon joins the game as Suchi explains him about her plan to act as a couple so that they get the apartment for rent.

Adarsh and Suchi succeed in their plan to fool the landlordand start living together. Initially these contrasting personalities find it difficult to adjust with each other but as time passes they come closer. But even before their journey to love starts, hurdles come knocking at their doorstep as Suchi’s mother arrives in Mumbai to live with her.

Will Adarsh and Suchi once again become homeless? Will love blossom between the two? Or is this the end of their road to love? To find out, do not miss Love by Chance on 2nd August, 2014 at 7pm, exclusively on bindass

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